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There’s nothing quite like falling back onto your dream comfy sofa. The soft cushions soothe your body and relax your mind, helping you to unwind after another busy day. And when your family come home, it becomes a heart-warming place to play, talk and laugh with the ones you love most.

So much more than somewhere to sit, your sofa is a really special place to be. It’s the setting for those wonderful everyday moments – the little things that make you feel warm inside. Appreciate all the best things about your comfy sofa with Sofology.

Your favourite spot

Relaxing in your favourite spot on the sofa is a small thing which makes a big difference. We’re creatures of habit after all. Perhaps you like to sit in the middle, nestled in between your loved ones, or maybe you’ve bagged the best seat in the house, reclining on plumped up cushions in the nook of your corner sofa.

Even when you’re enjoying a quiet moment of peace and have the whole sofa to yourself, your favourite spot always looks the most inviting. It’s familiar, soothing and it gives us that warm sense of belonging which only home can.

Lazy Sundays

It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re stretched out on the comfiest sofa you can imagine. Golden sun beams spill through the window and bathe you in a warm autumnal glow, sending you into a lazy slumber as the TV murmurs in the background. Bliss.

When you’re indulging in a lazy Sunday, the perfect sofa is essential. For comfort beyond compare, choose the Maddox leather sofa which is available as a recliner too. Once you’re cosy, why not find a new box set to enjoy as you relax on the sofa?


Family time

Gathering on the sofa and spending the evening hours together is family time at its finest. Whether you’re playing a game or just having a chat, you can treasure these sofa moments with your loved ones forever.

Make sure there’s room for everybody with the spacious Majestic corner sofa, available in more than 40 fabrics colours to complement every interior style. And if you want some inspiration for things to do, read our article about family nights in that don’t involve the TV.


Emotional moments

Almost all of life’s big events include a healthy dollop of sofa time. On your birthday, this is where you open your presents and read your cards. When Christmas comes around, your comfy sofa is waiting for you when you’ve eaten too many mince pies. Anniversaries, exam results, big achievements – your sofa is at the very heart of all these special days.

Not to mention the emotional moments of every other day. The great thing about your sofa is it won’t tell anybody if you hide behind a cushion when a cliffhanger episode is unfolding. Or if you get the giggles when your guilty pleasure series comes on. You can simply relax, be yourself and let your emotions flow.

At Sofology, we think the little things are really important. That’s why we celebrate the everyday moments which make our hearts feel warm and content – and it’s why we make our sofas the way we do. We use indulgent materials, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail to ensure that you can enjoy the little things that make life so special on your comfy sofa. Watch our new Little Things TV advert to see our passion come to life.

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