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We’re excited to announce the launch our new advertising campaign, which focuses on those little things that make all the difference when you’re trying to find your dream sofa.

Following on from the success of our acclaimed TV advert starring Owen Wilson, we’ve teamed up with David Duchovny of X-Files and Californication fame to showcase the quality materials and craftsmanship behind each of our sofas. We’re zoning in on the little things – those added details that go into every Sofology sofa to make them stand out from the crowd. David Duchovny provides narration for the advert, delivering an instantly recognisable tone that brings the message to life. We’ve chosen to move away from using a celebrity in the visuals, instead putting our exceptional quality sofas in the spotlight. With David’s epic voiceover, you’ll see the Sofology collection with cinematic clarity, in an advert unlike any you’ve seen before.

At Sofology we pride ourselves on being different from other sofa brands. We want to make people feel happier and more comfortable at home, which is where the ‘little things’ concept comes into play. We know it’s these small details in life that make all the difference. Whether it’s a hug from a loved one, a warming brew first thing on a cold morning or a ‘thank you’ for going above and beyond, it’s those extras that have all the impact.

Our new advert promotes the detail that we put into every one of our sofas, from the carefully selected fabrics and leathers we use, to the different types of fillings inside. We hand-nail studs, we use 100% natural leather, we source our fabrics worldwide and we only ever use expert craftsmanship to build every single sofa. We’re all about quality, something which our collections are testament to. And it’s that attention to every tiny detail – the little things – that helps to us achieve our goal.

Look out for the first of our trio of new adverts, which will be launched from the 20th August, showcasing our stunning Emperor range, a truly epic sofa that delivers the expert craftsmanship and the ultimate comfort you expect from Sofology.

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