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As rare as it might seem in the UK, summer is a truly glorious time of year. Fresh, warm, popping with colour and vibrant, it’s no wonder we want to spend as much time as we can basking in the sunshine when it arrives. Many of us like to spend the summer months getting out and about, but you can still enjoy this sun-kissed season from the comfort of home, welcoming the natural glow of sunlight into your living room. Celebrate the beauty of natural light and welcome the outdoors indoors this summer by finding the best sofa for a conservatory.

Our homes are increasingly being styled to make the most of natural light. Some homeowners choose to extend and improve their properties instead of moving, and many a renovation project will focus on creating light, airy spaces. Bifold doors that open out along the length of a room are really popular, as are velux-style windows set in a sloping or flat roof or open plan spaces that let light flood from room to room. But remember, big projects like these aren’t the only way to flood the space with natural light. Just a few simple tweaks at home can help you create that ideal summer feel and bring the vibrancy of the season into your rooms.

Just remember, although you want to bring as much light as possible into the home, your sofa can fade if it is exposed to too much sunlight. However, there are simple ways to protect against this. Keep an eye on areas of the room where there is some shade during the day and make sure your sofa has some respite from the sun. You won’t want to close your curtains or blinds on the sunniest days, so use a colourfast throw to reduce the amount of sun hitting the sofa, while also adding an extra splash of colour and style to the room.

Window dressings

Throw open the curtains and let the sunshine flood in. If you have blinds fitted, roll them right up. Consider taking down thick, heavy curtains too, this isn’t the time of year for blocking out the outside world. While these are perfect for making you feel cosy and snug in the colder weather, they can make a space feel dark and unwelcoming when summer comes.

In place of these winter drapes, instead hang a sheer or lightweight fabric over the window for privacy. Windows that aren’t overlooked by neighbours or busy streets can even go without curtains throughout summer, staying totally bare, making the very most of long summer days and warm, golden evenings.

Light, bright furnishings

Find your dream sofa and create the perfect chill out space and reading spot – somewhere you can curl up with a good book and a cuppa (or a glass of wine) while the sun sets. If you have a conservatory, make the most of this suntrap and fill it with inviting furnishings which you just can’t resist.

Our recommendations for the best sofas for a conservatory include the Chiltern or Alexa, both incredibly soft, amazingly comfortable and spacious, perfect for stretching out and enjoying a good book on a summer day. Choosing one of our sofas for your conservatory can create the perfect place to relax.

Continue the theme of light and bright, switching out heavy furniture which soaks up the sun and brings down the mood. If you have dark furniture in a room, pop some items into storage during the summer months. You can also lighten dark wooden flooring with a colourful rug.

Reflective surfaces

Mirrors instantly enhance any space, no matter how small, bouncing light off the walls and making it feel larger and brighter. Hanging a big mirror in the living room, hallway or bedroom maximises natural light. If you don’t want to fix it to an internal wall, simply position it on the floor and lean it to. Gleaming glass with a dark wooden frame needs a quick summer makeover for the best results. Dig out your paintbrush and get busy in the garden, giving the frame a fresh, white look.

If you’re in the mood for decorating, continue your makeover on interior walls, using light colours and pastel shades to brighten the whole room. Choose satin or silk paints over a matt emulsion as the light sheen finishes of these mixes reflect light – for that extra touch of sunshine.

Summer should be celebrated, so throw your windows wide open, restyle your home, and bask in the feel-good factor natural light brings.

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