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Moving house stirs up all kinds of feelings: Excitement, stress, nostalgia. It’s a huge change in your life, so be prepared for something of an emotional rollercoaster when the time comes to pack your bags and set off for pastures new.

The beauty of moving into a new house is it’s essentially a blank canvas on which to stamp your own personality. You’ll no doubt have visions of how you’ll make this space your own, from matching the colour of the walls with your personality to creating an atmosphere where you can relax. And now you’ve got the freedom to make this happen.

In those first few days, it won’t necessarily feel like home. Not just yet. It takes time to settle in and put your stamp on each room after all. Some decisions need time and careful consideration – choosing the perfect new sofa to transform your living room is one of the biggest commitments you’ll make. You might even find that for the first few weeks, you’re having to sit on camping chairs you dug out of the shed, or borrowing pieces of furniture from friends and family while you choose that dream sofa that will really finish everything off. But that doesn’t mean you need to wait to make your house feel like home.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the big projects, but don’t forget about the little things. When you move in, there are any number of small tweaks you can make to give your new house the homely touch straight away.

Picture perfect

Displaying your favourite family photos, recalling happy times and special memories, is an instant way to create a positive atmosphere and bring that sense of home along with you. Photo frames, magnets on the fridge or a pin board are simple ways to add your personal touch. Attach pictures, ticket stubs and any housewarming cards which arrive in the post and you’ll instantly feel more like the space is your own. If you have children, you can even hang up their drawings, colouring the space with their creativity. When it comes to design, you might want to buy a pile of magazines and create an interior mood board, tearing out your favourite design ideas and soaking up inspiration for your new abode.

Let there be light

Bright ceiling lights can make your new home feel empty if your furniture hasn’t arrived yet. Lamps and candles are the perfect way to soften harsh light, creating cosy corners where you can relax and reflect. Cast a warm glow over the living room with a floor lamp and put tea lights on the windowsill for an intimate evening feel.

Sofa time

And finally, by the time you’ve spent your first couple of weeks in your new house making little tweaks to give it that homely vibe, the crowning glory of your new living room will be arriving. Relaxation is the cornerstone of feeling at home, and nothing is as relaxing as the dream sofa you’ve carefully picked out. That moment when your sofa is installed in the living room will make it feel like everything’s just falling perfectly into place.

Choosing the right sofa means selecting something that is stylistically in sync with your plans for the design of your new property, but it also means choosing a sofa that feels like a comforting, familiar hug when you return home each night.

Whether your sofa is your own personal cinema seat, somewhere you catch up on all the latest films and TV shows, or a place for family to gather, chat about their day and do homework together, the right one will really help you feel at home. Add a pop of colour with the luxurious Linara sofa in red. This corner is big enough for the whole family to lounge on, as well as being a fantastic statement piece to make your new home pop.


If it’s boxsets and big games that dominate your time at home, why not go for the ultimate in luxury with a recliner sofa? You’ll love the Westwood, a stylish leather option that lets you kick back, relax and enjoy your shows in pure comfort. What’s more, it even comes with a USB port so you can ensure your phone never dies while you’re tweeting about the latest episode!


Whatever sofa you choose, making the right choice for you will really make your new house feel like home, adding the finishing touch to your new surroundings.

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