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We’re super excited to be working with food and lifestyle blogger, Sally Bee. If you haven’t heard of Sally before, she’s a motivational speaker, author and journalist who provides health and wellbeing tips and advice to her followers. Just like Sally, we want to help you create a relaxing home environment, because you’ll feel happier and more comfortable at home on a sofa you love.

Sally loves interior design, and she believes in making her home a relaxation haven; that’s why we’re so proud that she chose Sofology for her stylish sofa. She’s made the Bella work brilliantly for her, by fitting it seamlessly within her interior design choices and home decor features. We know Sally loves her sofa, so why not take a look at the Bella in more detail, or browse the rest of our exclusive sofa ranges?


We’ll be working with Sally over the next few weeks  to bring you some delicious recipes that she’s created for our new “sofa snacks” feature. Not only are these tasty treats good for you, they’re perfect for sharing on the sofa whilst you watch the football, chill out with a movie or catch up on your weekly soaps. Head over to Sally Bee’s blog to find out more about her story, try out her recipes and read her health and lifestyle articles; don’t forget to follow her on twitter to keep up to date with her latest posts and advice.

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