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Ever since Pantone named the shade ‘greenery’ as colour of the year in 2017, bringing the outdoors indoors has never been more on trend. This beautifully botanical style started out by introducing fresh, green hues into your home, and it’s been reinvented for 2018 with a totally tropical twist.

When it comes to tropical prints, bigger is better.

Think lush and leafy. Making a statement is the way to go with a tropical themed living room. Whether you’re introducing prints, paintings or plants, don’t be afraid to go big. Choosing decorative items featuring a large scale leaf pattern is a key element of this look. Finding a piece of wall art showcasing a palm tree or other tropical greenery is a great starting point, creating a focal point for the room.

Mix and match botanical patterned items with other patterns and textures to add depth and range to your decor – and stop the tropical trend taking over your space. Stripes and geometric patterns really complement this look, especially when you choose shades of green or monochrome.

A tiled floor is a clever way to keep the style feeling modern and fresh, and it contrasts beautifully with a luxurious, velvety sofa like the Cricket. Go for gorgeous teal to really make the greenery in the room stand out. Adding leafy patterned scatter cushions, throws and rugs is the perfect way to add a tropical feeling to your sofa to complete the look.

Build up jungle foliage in your living room.

Embracing the tropical trend means it’s time to head out plant shopping. Choose a feature corner of your room and build up layers of leafy foliage with a selection of house plants in a variety of shapes, sizes and shades of green. The aim is to recreate the ambience of a lush jungle – try displaying your ferns and palms in a range of patterned, plain and bamboo plant pots. Hang some from the ceiling, pop some on wooden tables and stand the tall ones on the floor to create height and the feeling of a jungle canopy for an undeniably tropical atmosphere.

Complement the design with a simple sofa choice.

With prints, patterns and plants in abundance, implementing a tropical theme can start to feel like there’s too much going on. Pare back the look by choosing a centrepiece sofa that complements the decor, but also adds sophistication and simplicity. A traditional style, brown leather sofa is the perfect choice. Set against deep green walls and surrounded by lush, leafy greenery, a sofa like the Marni will pull the whole look together. If you want the style to feel even more subtle, simple wooden floors, a pale rattan rug and a few plain emerald scatter cushions give tropical vibes, without being too busy.

Feeling inspired to get a little green fingered with your home decor? Start shopping for a sofa you love that’ll work perfectly with this trendy theme today.


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