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With the vibrant colours and stunning displays of artistry, Bonfire Night can be one of the most exciting days of the year for many people. Chomping down on toffee apples and watching the night sky fill with rainbow hues while cosily donning hats and scarves makes for an exciting night for all the family. But it’s important to remember that it’s not fun for everyone – when it comes to our furry friends, the loud noises and flashing lights that go hand in hand with Guy Fawkes Night can be distressing and, chances are, they’ll hide behind the sofa until it’s all over.

If you’re looking for advice on how you can keep your four-legged companions relaxed this Bonfire Night at home, we’ve put together a few tips that you can try at home to help keep them calm.

Build a cosy den in the corner

As soon as the fireworks start, animals generally just want to stay hidden in order to feel safe. A good way to keep them relaxed when they do this is to build them their own firework-proof den by the corner of the sofa. Hang up a sheet so they can have some privacy and feel safely tucked away, while being close enough for you to check on them throughout the night. It can also be a good idea to draw the curtains to muffle the noise of the fireworks, as well as having the TV or radio on to provide some background noise to further drown out loud and sudden bangs.

Making the den their own

You’ll want your pet to feel as comfortable as possible, so make sure their den is as cosy as can be. If they have a favourite blanket, then lay it out – sniffing something familiar will help to soothe them. A great addition to their comfy space is a squishy cushion they can relax on. Make sure it’s small enough so they feel secure, but big enough so they can stretch out if they want to. Try to create some soft textures, so they can paw at something luxurious when they’re getting cosy.

A space for you

Whilst your pet might not want to be handled too much on Bonfire Night, having you near is one of the best ways to make them feel safe. They know and love you, so stay close to let them know you’re there for them.

Set up your own space next to theirs by putting some cushions on floor so that you can sit comfortably beside them as you enjoy your evening. They might keep to themselves, but it’s good for them to know you’re there.

Bend the rules

If your pets aren’t usually allowed on the sofa, Bonfire Night might be the one occasion where you bend the rules. Throw some thick blankets over your sofa to reduce the risk of scratches if they’re nervous. You might even want to bring out those tasty treats that are often reserved for special occasions.

Sofa space

Animals can often pick up on humans’ emotions, so if you want to keep your pet calm,  you’ll need to be laid back. The best way for both you and your furry companion to stay relaxed on Bonfire night is by stretching out on the perfect sofa.

The corner sofa from Sofology’s Maltby range is perfect for creating a calm and cosy environment. You can use the corner to create a cosy den, giving them protective walls from all sides. If they prefer to sit up with you to feel safe, there’s plenty of room for you both to stretch out and enjoy the warm, natural leather. Available in a variety of colours, this sofa also fits perfectly with any interior design.

Sofology Maltby brown leather corner sofa

Building a den in your living room for your furry family member on Bonfire Night at home is the best way to give them the comfort they need and lower their stress levels when the fireworks start banging. Having a luxurious sofa to cosy into will mean you can stretch out knowing that they are in the most relaxed setting they can be in, allowing you to enjoy your evening without worry.

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