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Fall in love with the minimalist movement. Airy rooms painted in crisp neutral hues, plenty of natural light pouring in through the windows, furniture featuring distinct clean lines – it’s every design lover’s dream.

In the uber-trendy world of minimalism, less is always more, with the focus squarely on the joy of simplicity. While the concept has been around since the late 60s, it’s skyrocketed in popularity during the last few years. More than ever, we’re swapping vibrant colours and flamboyant patterns for simple, fuss-free interiors. Master the art of minimalism and achieve this refreshing look in your home with the help of Sofology.

Create a dreamy colour palette

Muted tones are made for minimalism. Swathe your room in soft greys, warm creams or subtle biscuit shades to create a calming look with universal appeal. To make a real impact, transform your space with monochrome, another minimalist hero. Use bright white as a base colour and build on it by using stark black accents for your picture frames and shelving.

Refreshing your room in minimalist fashion means only using a handful of colours, but it doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. Every shade you choose should complement the others beautifully, breathing new life into the space.

monochrome colour palettes

Spend time decluttering

Pared-down interiors are a hallmark of minimalism. Step back and assess your space, thinking carefully about what really matters to you. Begin to strip back the room, leaving only the bare essentials behind to help create a sense of order and calm. Ideally, a few key pieces of timeless furniture that complement your sofa would be all that remain.

Shield any remaining chaos from the naked eye with subtle storage – it can be a real game-changer. Use a chic façade to hide things away, so only a few objects can be seen on the surface. That way, your necessities are still within easy reach, but remain out of sight.

tassel scatter cushions

Inject texture into the space

Add a new level of depth and character by introducing more texture to the space. Strategically placed and in small doses, soft furnishings can really bring a room together. Drape a knitted throw over a loveseat, slide a wool rug into the centre of the room or embellish your sofa with piles of velvet cushions. Follow similar tones to your overall colour palette to ensure consistency, accenting with soft shades such as blush pink, to add just the subtlest hint of colour.

Contrast soft furnishings with metallic accessories. Brass, copper and rose gold can all add a luxurious flavour to a room without straying from the minimalist trend. Experiment with a glimmering mirror, geometric vase or contemporary pendant light and find that perfect finishing touch for your super clean space.

Pick out a strong sofa

Once you’ve got the rest of your look more or less in place, nothing will pull the whole look together and give it that finishing touch quite like the perfect sofa. Minimalism is synonymous with a singular statement piece of furniture that adds a touch of character. Anchor your room with a beautiful sofa to bring focus and a splash of much-needed texture to the space.

The Layla, available in a slate/mist mix ticks all the boxes. Crafted from a durable fabric with a choice of mirror-finish chrome or wooden feet, it’ll slot seamlessly into a minimalist living room. A luxe leather sofa, such as the Fellini, is another perfect base for a minimalist look. Elegantly designed with structured lines, it’s eye-catching without being overwhelming. 

Minimalism is the perfect marriage of simple, stylish and serene. Dare to push the boundaries and you’ll strike the perfect balance. Create a peaceful retreat you adore when you embrace this interior design trend.

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