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Hosting a Halloween party at home for your little ones and their friends is a great way to keep them entertained on the ghostliest night of the year. Kids love seasonal thrills and you can set up an evening of spooktacular delight from your own home, earning yourself some serious cool parent points along the way.

The living room is the heart of any house party and a great place for your guests to gather as you play games, dance and swap scary stories. To help make your party truly memorable, we’ve got a few tricks and treats to make your home a Halloween wonder.

Vamp up the entrance

You’ll want your guests to feel immersed in the excitement of fright night before they even get over the threshold. Set the scene from the moment they reach your door by decorating the front of your home. Put out carved pumpkins with a lit candle inside to give them an eerie glow, or drape the façade of your house with spider webs aplenty for a spooky exterior. Pumpkin carving is also a great activity to do with the kids before the party gets started. Get them designing their scariest creations with your supervision, so they can show off their talents to their friends. You might even want to have a little pumpkin carving competition once everyone’s arrived, with a spooky prize for the winner. If you want to thrill your guests as they walk through the door, hang up a cackling witch or rattling skeleton that sets off as they walk past.

Dress your living room

With the living room hosting the main event, it needs to really look the part. Drape fake cobwebs and spiders from door frames and lamps, and keep things spooky by opting for LED operated candles and strings of Halloween-themed lanterns. Your party is sure to be Halloween ready with glowing pumpkins and ghosts lighting up your living room.

Get into costume

It’s only a real Halloween party if everyone is dressed up as their favourite monster. You won’t want to be the only one not dressed up, so make sure you grab yourself a costume scary enough to keep the little ones immersed in the Halloween theme. You can find something for a reasonable price in your local supermarket or get creative with fabric and make your own, whether it’s an old favourite or something a little bit more modern.

Tasty treats

Alongside the ones you’ll be handing out to trick or treaters, you’ll also need some snacks for your guests. Keep the food Halloween related by laying out monster treats, spider web cookies and pumpkin cupcakes that you can make with your kids in advance. Get their creative juices flowing by having them decorate the creations themselves so they can treat their friends when they arrive.

Atmospheric music

Music is key to setting the right atmosphere for your party. Search Spotify to find the perfect Halloween playlist or create your own. Be sure to include some spooky classics like Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Bobby Pickett’s Monster Mash. You can also play a soundtrack of creepy sounds- the noise of creaking doors and ghostly moans will keep the atmosphere eerie and make sure everyone is fully immersed in the spooky party atmosphere./span>

Spooky activities

In between all the dancing, you’ll want to keep the little monsters entertained with different activities. Separate them into teams and hand out a few rolls of toilet paper – whoever can wrap up their mummy first wins. Once they’re unravelled, have them bob for apples, then dry them off for a game of pin the bow on the skeleton to test their senses.

And relax…

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Hosting a Halloween party at home can be really rewarding and you’ll be sure to have great memories of the night. Whatever sofa you’ll be stretching out on when the party’s over, you’ll find it here at Sofology.

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