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Say ‘sofa bed’ and most people will recall memories of sleeping on lumpy, uncomfortable makeshift furniture. Sofa beds of the past were a purchase of convenience, where practicality trumped comfort and style. Thankfully things have improved, and now guests can look forward to a great night’s sleep in any room in the house. Our cosy sofa beds go beyond function – they’re stylish pieces that look great when used as a sofa or as a bed.  

To help you style your space, we asked our Buying Director, Gisela Lancaster, for her top tips when choosing a sofa-bed.

Plan then accessorise

As we gradually approach the holiday season, consider thinking ahead and preparing your home for guests with a multifunctional sofa bed. When considering different designs, don’t forget to measure the space around the sofa to ensure the area is large enough – both when the bed is folded out and also when tucked away. Be sure to accessorise your sofa bed with plush rugs and glowy table lighting to create a luxurious hideaway no one will ever want to leave.

A premium night’s sleep

It’s unlikely you’ll be buying too many sofa beds, so go for something that delivers both style and comfort. For extra luxury, opt for a high-quality mattress topper that will provide added cushioning and support, with premium sheets and blankets feeling fresh and soft against the skin. Double up on quality pillows so guests have more support if they want to read or scroll, and be sure to arrange furniture around the sofa bed so there’s enough space to move around. As a finishing touch, a small table is great for a glass of water or a charging phone.

Optimise your room

If space is a limitation in your home, don’t despair. Rather than opting for a more traditional sofa bed, choose a more compact option like the Bartelli footstool. It cleverly doubles up as a single guest sofa bed as well as a place to pop your feet up, or alternatively, you could choose the Majestica Loveseat that also doubles up as a handy sofa bed when guests come to stay.

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