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As people become more conscious of the effect humans have on the environment, the Sustainability interiors trend has gained traction over the years, becoming a sought after look in 2019. With the vital move towards reducing single-use plastics in our homes and lifestyles, there’s now a big focus on using reusable and environmentally friendly furniture and accessories in our homes, to reduce our imprint on the natural world.

Knowing where furniture comes from and knowing the origins of accessories and decor elements is becoming more important for us all, and this directly translates into the pieces used to create our sustainable look. With this consciousness over the materials used in interior design comes increased minimalism – pared back, uncluttered, clean but homely looks that offer both style and texture.

With the Sustainability trend, we created three interior looks that all feature soft and neutral palettes, using cream and taupe tones as the base colours of the space. Read on to find out more.

Neutral Colours

As with all the looks we’ve created, you want a base of pared back neutral colours. The evolution of colour over the past few years has been interesting, almost going full circle from magnolia to grey, and now from grey through to natural cream and taupe shades – tones that are the basis for many trends that are becoming popular in 2019.

For this room we used wooden panelling on most of the wall, to give the space a textured feel, as well as creating a two-toned wall colour. You can panel all of your walls if you wish, or use it as a feature wall to add intrigue to the room.

This trend is all about textures and tactile elements – you want the space to look good but be full of elements you can touch and feel, from throws and scatters to rugs and accessories. Greenery additions are definitely welcome, keeping the space looking fresh and bright, as well as adding that link to nature you want to achieve. Use ceramic pots or wooden boxes to hold the plants, keeping plastic to a minimum.

We chose the Milton in tactile grey fabric, to ensure the colours used stay neutral and natural.

Sofology Milton grey fabric sofa

Wall Hangings and Accessories

Wall hangings play a major part in the Sustainability trend. With very neutral tones on the walls and a reduced use of wooden elements in this version of the look, you can use hangings made from woven plant fibres or crochet to break up the blocks of subtle colour. If these aren’t to your taste then experiment with simplistic graphic hangings, framed with wood to keep continue the natural theme.

Handmade elements will work wonders in this look, giving you a great opportunity to learn a new hobby – weaving or knitting elements like rugs, hangings or throws to use on your sofa. These accessories are what the Sustainability trend is all about – reusing and recycling natural fibres and materials to make additions to your home, a throwback to our Artisan and Global trend in 2018.

Botanical elements can still work in this look, but choose golden hues of light brown and tan – we used a vase filled with wheat grass to add an extra touch of colour and freshness here. Look to build up layers of furniture, colour and tactile elements – start with wall colours, move to furniture and complete the space with accessories.

We decided on the Cricket sofa – usually associated with bright, popping colours, we went with a more neutral shade, choosing the allure light grey tone to complete the look.


Cosy and Homely

We wanted to have a much cosier approach for our final imagining of the Sustainability trend, choosing bulkier furniture to make the space feel more homely. The palette once again remains neutral here, but slight touches of greens from botanical elements will definitely work, contrasting beautifully with the brown shades of the wooden furniture and hessian rug.

Choose a variety of different knits for your throws, scatters, rugs or wall hangings, the bigger, bulkier and cosier the better. Sustainability is all about making accents and elements, as well as furniture, last longer, so choose sturdy furniture and accessories that will stand the test of time.

Wicker elements can work in your favour also, something easily reclaimable from local charity shops – a thorough clean and some small repairs can make someone else’s unwanted item into a hidden treasure for your home. The same can be said for vases or decorative bowls, all easily purchased second hand to continue the theme of recycling.

For this cosy feel we chose the Coco in willow linen, for the perfect balance of style and comfort.


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