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A timeless trend, the Mid-Century Modern look is a style that’s persisted across decades, subtly evolving over the years. The look has developed to incorporate stylistic elements such as: touches of nature, geometric prints and bold bursts of bright colour, creating a style that’s minimal but intriguing in design.

Implementing the Mid-Century Modern trend into your home couldn’t be easier, combining the right colour choices, just enough accessories and furniture that truly works in the space. Read on to find out more.

Bold, striking colour

The Mid-Century Modern trend invites the use of bright, bold colour schemes. Think vibrant greens, pastel pinks or warming tones of orange or yellow to give a feature wall in your home a statement look. The aim is to make your home bright, open and airy, so don’t feel stuck painting all of your walls a neutral colour – using bold shades will increase the amount of light in the space.

With the Mid-Century Modern trend, use colour to your advantage, pairing the bright shade of your feature wall with monochrome elements to create contrast in the space and break up the room. You can do this with throws or scatter cushions, ornaments or the furniture you choose to fill the space.

The right furniture

Keep your furniture simple – aim for a minimal look to keep the space airy. This trend is brilliant for smaller living rooms found in apartments or more compact homes because it makes the space seem bigger.

The development of the Mid-Century Modern look has been all about acknowledging the raw materials that furniture is made from and you can use this to your advantage when choosing coffee or side tables for your living room.

Minimalist wooden items work best, meaning you can reclaim many pieces bought from charity shops or salvage yards – there are plenty of hidden gems to be found, just waiting for a little love and attention to get back to looking their best. You can reclaim furniture and save the majority of your budget for a centrepiece sofa that will really bring your space to life.

Taking influence from the home of Coco Chanel, the Frasier is a perfect example of a stunning Mid-Century Modern design, available in monochrome patterned fabric that really pops as a contrasting element of the space.

Another good choice could be the Hollister; also available in monochrome fabric, or in a metallic patterned fabric. Working as the focal point of the room, you can place other pieces of furniture around your sofa to ensure the rest of the space remains simple and minimalistic.


Select your accessories carefully as you go about your makeover, ensuring the pieces you choose add to the space rather than detract from the minimalist aim. It can be tempting to choose a whole host of accessories to fill your space, but bear in mind that the look you’re aiming for is simple and de-cluttered.

A perfectly placed vase, lamp or piece of art can add to the space and break up block colours – look for seventies inspired ceramics or metallic pieces to stay true to the roots of the trend. You’re aiming to choose a few bold pieces for a side table rather than using too many accessories in the space.

Elements of nature can also work well; large windows or patio doors looking out onto your garden can make the transition between the indoors and the outdoors much more fluid. Introduce some potted plants in the room, to give the air a fresh smell and the room a clean and natural feel.

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