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When your home is tidy, your life follows suit, so we’ve come up with 10 easy ways to keep your abode free from clutter and stress. We’ve included everything you need to keep your home organised, from simple, everyday tips to creative ideas involving the paint brush. Roll up your sleeves, put the music on, and make your home sparkle again.

1. Out with the old

Start by clearing out all the clutter. Whether it’s unwanted clothes, old crockery or a box full of jumbled wires, consider what you no longer want or need in your home and donate it to your local charity shop or take it to the recycling tip.

2. Make your bed

Making your bed as soon as you get up tidies up your sleeping space and gears you up for the day. It’s also a lovely treat to come home to after a long day, where you can stretch out and relax in an instant on those crisp, white sheets. And if you don’t think you’ve got enough time, take inspiration – and a rap on the knuckles – from this US navy admiral.

3. Upcycle old furniture

Get creative and uplift your tired-looking wardrobes and drawers by giving them a fresh coat of paint. Keep them in one colour or add some stencilled designs for an intricate flourish. Revitalising furniture is a great way to keep your home looking tidy and can keep things feeling new.

4. Get rid of old paperwork

If you’ve got decade-old bills shoved into drawers “just in case,” it’s time to finally seize the opportunity and get rid. Make opening the letter draw that little bit easier by shredding anything with sensitive information and recycling what you can.

5. Load up the washing machine

Most washing machines have timers, so put your laundry in before you leave in the morning and time it to be ready for when you get home. It splits up the chore, and there’s no waiting around.

6. Wipe down the shower after you’ve used it

Keep your bath and shower sparkling throughout the week by wiping them with a cloth or squeegee after each use. And if you’re really enthusiastic, give the sink a quick scrub after you’ve brushed your teeth. Keep on top of the cleaning during the week and you’ll have one less chore to tackle at the weekend.

7. Organise a clothes swap

Save money and update your wardrobe with a clothes swap. Organise an evening with your friends to trade a set number of clothes – it’s a great way to clear out anything cluttering up your wardrobe, and you might even find one or two pieces to add back in.

8. Sort out your storage

We all have random bits of clutter lying around – spare batteries, phone charger cables, light bulbs – but grouping them into some storage boxes can help keep yours odds and ends organised and out of the way.

9. Wash your dishes every night

Whether you handwash your dishes or pop them in the dishwasher, make sure you clear them away every night before you go to bed. This way you’ll wake up to clear kitchen tops and have the space to start your day right.

10. De-clutter your living room

As the heart of your home, your living room should be as calm as possible. Take some inspiration from tidying-guru Marie Kondo by only keeping things that make you happy. You could also complement your cosy sofa with a storage footstool, like the one in the Beckett, Layla and Bottega ranges.

If you’ve picked up your own tricks on keeping your home neat and tidy, share your pictures and tag us on Instagram.

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