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With iconic buttons and high back and arms, a Chesterfield sofa is a design that will never go out of style. First created around 300 years ago (supposedly for the 4th Earl of Chesterfield) the Chesterfield sofa is an English icon found around the globe, historically made in leather and found in formal houses, gentlemen’s clubs, libraries and the occasional pub. Now, as times have changed, the Chesterfield sofa has too, and the new Alchemist sofa – part of the chic Trendsetter collection – brings it bang up to date with modern curves, elegant details and a chic collection of luxurious fabrics.

The most modern Chesterfield

A considered, fresh take on the classic Chesterfield sofa, the Alchemist fits easily into contemporary spaces and period properties. A soft, curved silhouette and pared back arms meet intricate all-over button detailing, making for a cosy, supportive place to sit back and relax. Sleek, tapered legs, which come in gleaming brushed gold as well as dark and pale wood, lift the buttoned sofa from the floor, creating a light, airy feel. Crafted in a variety of fine fabrics, choose from supple leathers in timeless greys, browns, blacks and whites, or a sophisticated palette of pretty pinks, rich blues and greens and spicy yellow, all in sumptuous textured velvet. The result is a truly modern Chesterfield, that mixes its historic roots with a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

Which Chesterfield sofa are you?

As we spend more and more time in our homes, the way they make us feel has never been more important, and the mental impact our home environment has is now at the forefront of interior design. Your home needs to be a place that you love spending time in and which contributes to making you feel happy – everything in the space, from furniture to flooring and fabrics, should help to make you smile. It’s important to surround yourself with objects that resonate with you on a personal level, which is why the Alchemist has a variety of design choices to reflect individual styles and personalities – perhaps you’re a pink sofa person or maybe you’re more classic brown or deep teal. Will it be gleaming gold legs, or elegant dark wood? Thick velvet or sleek leather?

Ticking off the trends

A timeless classic, the Alchemist also fits into the most up-to-date interior design trends. Rounded furniture has been seen in the coolest homes this year, thanks to the calming feel its softness and lack of angles creates. The Alchemist’s all-over buttons make its surface buoyant and supremely comfy, while its gentle form plays into the trend for curved shapes. Another 2020 interiors trend is coloured pieces of furniture set against a white wall. Colour brings energy and playfulness to a space, but it can be difficult to introduce to the home – filling a room with coloured pieces of furniture and objects rather than painting a wall means that the brightness can be easily moved to change the look of a room. To tie into this design trend, the Alchemist comes in a range of bright hues such as juicy Cranberry, fresh Coral, pretty Fuchsia, jewel-like Peacock and vivid yellow Turmeric, which instantly add oomph to a space. What statement would a coloured Chesterfield sofa make in your home? How would a pink sofa update the space?

Style it up

The Alchemist comes as a two, three and four-seater sofa ready for the whole family, as well as a cute buttoned accent chair, generously sized love seat and matching footstool. The modern Chesterfield can be the main focus of a room, or a subtle addition, depending on which colours and materials it’s crafted in. For a bold design statement, two or more pieces should be placed in one room, be it a matching pair of sofas positioned facing each other, or a sofa and chair combo in contrasting tones for a confident colour pop. For a more subtle effect, add vibrant or textured cushions to a classic leather Alchemist to modernise the look – use two or three cushions to add interest without cluttering the sofa (and hiding too many buttons!).

Alchemist 4 seater

Alchemist 3 seater

Alchemist 2 seater

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