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A well known face in living rooms across the country, Laura Hamilton is no stranger to interior design. Having worked on shows like “A Place in the Sun”, Laura knows about style, trends and shades that are the must-have for anyone thinking of giving their home a fresh new look. We sat down with Laura to ask her some questions about her latest home makeover, and we found out how she goes about her own interior projects.

Where did you draw inspiration from for your latest home makeover?

I’ve always enjoyed renovating properties and doing interior makeovers – I like to take a lot of inspiration from properties or hotels I have visited on my travels. I also think it’s great to get style ideas from websites like Sofology, getting tips or inspiration from their blogs. When you see how furniture is styled in a photoshoot, you can take those images and use them for ideas in your own home.

What sofa shade have you decided on for this project?

I’ve decided on a charcoal coloured sofa for my latest living room makeover. The colour scheme of my home has taupes, light greys and sage greens, but I have two rooms that follow a charcoal and dark grey colour scheme; our dining room and our family lounge. We spend a lot of our time in the family lounge with our two small children, so I wanted a sofa with a dark fabric (to minimise marks) but I wanted something that looked classic and luxurious.

Why did you choose our Midas sofa? What drew you to it?

When it came to redecorating my home I actually started upstairs with the children’s bedrooms. They’re growing up so quickly and I felt their bedrooms needed to reflect that! I then made my way downstairs and decorated the family lounge and the kitchen, which are the two rooms we spend the most time in.

The best place to start is to choose a base colour for the walls – I used two wall colours in my home so the look is tied together. I really enjoy painting, it’s one of those DIY jobs I think you can do quite easily, so you can redecorate your house on a budget and still make it look great by doing it yourself. My favourite part of a new decor refresh is choosing the soft furnishings, like the sofa and other accessories in the space, because it allows you to add texture.

You’ve travelled all over the world, what countries or cultures inspire you most when it comes to interiors?

I absolutely love Moroccan inspired interior design. I have Moroccan tiles in my kitchen, and I have a Moroccan inspired area in my garden with an outside rug, pouffes and loads of lanterns. I spend a lot of time in Spain and I often see properties there with a Moroccan influence! Personally, I would describe my interior design style as Luxe Chic.

What are your favourite interior finds and where are they in your home?

I have a few items in my home that I have picked up on my travels whilst working on various TV projects. I have a cowbell from India, an antique curling rock from Austria when I took part in ‘The Jump’, artwork from South Africa when I filmed there a few years ago and I have Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Bells. They are all small accessories in my home but they hold some dear memories and they all fit in with my decor style.

We all love looking at peoples homes online – who’s interior style do you admire or take inspiration from?

There are few accounts on Instagram that I take interior inspiration from, and of course Sofology is one of them! Lots of people don’t realise, but you don’t just sell sofas! You offer lots of other products too like lamps, tables, rugs and scatter cushions, so you can do a complete furniture refresh without needing to go to lots of different places for items. Other accounts I like are @Inspire_me_home_decor and @homesandgardensuk.

Finally, what is your most treasured item in your home?

My most treasured item is going to have to be my new sofa! I have a beautiful glass dining table in my dining room, but I don’t think that is going to be as comfortable as the Midas to sit on!

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  • Dorothy Watt says:

    Just visited Sofology at Deepdale, Preston and greatly admire the way the store displays its furniture. I particularly admire the wall paper which appeared as 3D as it certainly made the furniture look glamorous positioned in front of it. I would appreciate your help in trying to locate the name and manufacturer of the said wallpaper. Thank you in anticipation

    • Alice Flemming says:

      Hey Dorothy,

      We can certainly find this out for you! Do you remember what the name of sofa range tat was in that bay? Or do you remember what colour the wallpaper was so I can ask our team in Preston store?

      Many thanks

  • Kathy Malone says:

    What is the name of the leather sofa Laura is sat on

    • Alice Flemming says:

      Hi! The grey sofa is our Midas sofa, and the mustard sofa is our Perle sofa.