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Though lockdown is lifting, working from home looks set to be a permanent fixture for many of us, or at least a hybrid model of office and home working.  After staring at the same space for months, now is the time to consider if your working from home space is still the right fit, or does that temporary office set up you’ve lived with for the last year need a style overhaul to boost your mood and productivity?

Pieces from our Accents accessories collection can work as stylish furniture, as well as great places to work from all at the same time. Here, we give you some ideas for giving your home an extra edge when it comes to working hard, as well as offering our top working from home tips.

Larissa Phone Table £159
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1. Versatile Tables

If you don’t have the room for a home office and you just want a temporary change of scenery from the kitchen table, opting to use a supper table or a phone table in harmony with your sofa, like our Burford or Larissa tables, is a good choice. They allow you to sit with your back supported in an upright position as you work on your laptop.

Another great idea to get more use out of your living room furniture is to choose a console table with plenty of room underneath for your legs. For a stylish alternative to a traditional desk space, use one of our accent chairs (or your office chair) with our Lottie console table, and once your working day is done you can revert back into displaying your photos, accessories and lighting in the evenings.

Our top tip: Create a morning routine to start your day right. Grab a shower, prepare a drink (it could be tea, coffee or a glass of water) and make a to-do list of tasks to achieve for the day – this will help you stay productive and keep on top of work.


2. All-purpose storage

Style your shelving to display photos of friends and family, and your favourite decorative items, to give you a boost when you’re working – as well as creating space to house any books you might need for work. Style it right and and our Buckland ladder shelves can become your new Zoom backdrop, adding an industrial feel to your space as well as helping you to stay organised.

To store your diary, pens, calculator and other items you need to work, choose a simple table like our Buckland side table with a generously sized drawer, or go for something a little more glamorous and opt for our Hart end table; both will add style to your living space for evenings and weekends when you aren’t at work.

Our top tip: Wherever it may be, keep your working space free of clutter and tidy when you can. They say an organised workspace means an organised mind but, if anything, tidying your workspace regularly will keep your house looking clean and tidy.

Hart End Table

3. Get comfy

Whether you’re sitting on the sofa or using your accent chair, making sure you’re comfy and have good posture will keep you focused on your work and super productive. Choose a supportive sofa that you can sit back into and stay comfy on for hours, like our fabric Canterbury and Fluted Ivy ranges, or Sandro and Missouri leather sofas. The Sandro and Missouri are both recliner ranges with adjustable headrests, allowing you to find just the right relaxing seating position that’s perfect for you as you work.

If you’re looking to add an accent chair to your space, consider a high-back design such as the Colonel, Wallace, Bellona or Osmore chairs. Offering supportive comfort and style, you can pair these accent chairs with our Lottie console table as a desk, or a supper/phone table like the Burford or Larissa tables for a more mobile desk surface. Once you’ve finished for the day, you can enjoy comfort on an accent chair in front of the tv as you relax with the family.

Our top tip: Stay mobile. Have a few locations around the house where you can work, giving you a change of scenery as well as helping you adjust your seating position and posture. Try to keep your workspace as ergonomic as possible and look to walk around for a few minutes every hour to keep the blood flowing and to reduce your risk of illness.

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