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Home for me is a place where there is warmth, life, vibrancy and human touch. Something truly ‘lived in’. So much beauty emerges from chaos – and I hope to share this sentiment with Paloma Home.

We love to bring unique designs, exclusive ranges and all-round fabulous pieces to our customers – after all, it’s our mission to help our customers feel at home on a sofa they love. So, as you can imagine, we jumped at the chance to work with award-winning singer songwriter Paloma Faith, as she made her debut into the world of interiors with her new Paloma Home range – and we think you’re going to love it! Famed for her eclectic sense of style, Paloma Faith’s new range of sofas are exclusive to Sofology, introducing striking designs inspired by a blend of influences to create looks that are anything but ordinary.

Paloma Home takes Paloma’s love of opulent glamour and retro bohemia that characterise the decor of her own London home, and adds in influences from the cinema and music scene. The end result is a riot of rich jewel toned colours and animal prints which can be accented with a range of playful patterned cushions including pouncing tigers, monochrome stripes, oriental birds and luxe leopards. More is always more with this collection.

As a self confessed “nester” and lover of all things “home”, Paloma’s collection is totally accessible – you can take just one piece and it will really change up the style of your room or go all in and play with pattern and colour to create a home that’s truly unique to you. Paloma describes her own home as ‘maximalist and clashy’, where the combination of pieces, colours and patterns shouldn’t work but just do. With these looks, you can create a welcome sense of escapism, something that’s much needed after the past 18 months.

With the Paloma Home range, we invite you to be adventurous with your home interiors –  don’t play it safe. Whether it’s the rebellious look of the Rock n’ Roll, the 70s vibe of the Lady Muck, or the extraordinary Offbeat Chesterfield, you’ll fall in love with the overall look of the range – with all these sofas available in tactile fabrics and fabulous shades. Explore Paloma Home here.

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