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With a new school year on the horizon, now is the perfect time to help your little ones get back into the rhythm of school. Homework plays an important role in that daily routine, with backpacks coming home most evenings filled with tasks to complete.

Creating a dedicated space for your children to complete their assignments is a brilliant way to encourage their learning. From drawing and making, to reading and writing, a special homework area can help to spark your youngster’s imagination and limit distractions.

Whether your kids are just starting out or are heading into their final year of primary school, here are a few ways you can create a homework haven in your home.

Set them up in the living room

While your kids’ bedroom may seem like the natural place for their homework space to live, it’s best to set up an area elsewhere to help reduce procrastination. After a long day at school, kids can easily lose their concentration.

Create a homework base right in the heart of the home – the living room. That way you can provide encouragement and be on hand to guide them with their school assignments if needed.

To help them focus on their homework and to create a more productive working environment, make sure the space is free of distractions before homework time begins. With the TV turned off and any devices or toys out of reach, it’ll be easier for your little ones to learn.

Create a timetable

School revolves around a daily timetable and creating a similar learning schedule at home can help your children settle into a regular homework routine. Sit down together and come up with a timetable that’s easy to follow. Start by filling in the time you eat, then pick a slot around this which works well with your family life. That way they can easily see when learning ends and downtime begins.

A little help

Whatever year group your kids are in, homework can sometimes be tricky, so being around to help them with their assignments is vital. The family sofa is the perfect collaboration zone for you to practice spelling, talk through puzzling maths problems or help with project ideas. Even if they don’t ask, offer – that way they know you’re there to support them with their studies.

Dedicated space

Consistency is key when it comes to learning at home. A timetable will help, but you also need a dedicated homework space to help get your children in the right frame of mind.

While a table is ideal for creative projects, a snuggly family sofa is the perfect place to curl up with a school book from their reading list. You can also create a dedicated storage area in the living room for them to keep their stationary and books, so they can get to work quickly and easily.

Help homework become a habit by preparing the perfect studying space for your children. Start now and it’ll be ready just in time for their first day back at school.

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