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Is there anything more indulgent than finding a little space in your day to fit in a sneaky nap? Those precious few minutes – or maybe a bit longer if you’re lucky – to doze off in the middle of the day can be a great way to recharge your batteries. Given the chance, who wouldn’t like to get a little more sleep?

Whether you’re a serial napper, who makes sure they fit a scheduled snooze into every Sunday afternoon, or a napping novice prone to nodding off in front of the TV from time to time, we’re here to help you find the perfect sofa to help you sleep soundly.

power nap

For the power nappers

With work, family, social activities and events to juggle, all too often we can find ourselves staying up that little bit too late and being rudely awakened by the alarm far too early in the morning. If squeezing in 8 hours sleep a night seems practically impossible, you need to get serious about your nap habits. A seasoned power napper knows that a well scheduled 20 minute snooze in the middle of the day can be a real game changer.

If you don’t have long to dedicate to your sofa naps, you need to make sure you’re going to be able to fall asleep almost instantly. Our super cosy Coco range is perfect for power naps. The fibre filled seats are the ultimate in comfort, and the soft, padded arm cushions are just made for resting your weary head against. You’re guaranteed to be asleep in seconds, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and recharged.

Coco sofa

For the long lazy nappers

Sunday afternoons are just made for falling asleep on the sofa, curled up with a blanket and no limit on how long you can peacefully slumber. Begin your afternoon with a few episodes of your favourite box set, a chilled out movie, or get lost in a book whilst snuggled into your sofa. Put Monday out of your mind and drift off into the ultimate nap.

If you’re not planning on moving for hours, you’re going to need plenty of room to stretch out and find the most comfortable sleeping position. A large leather corner sofa like the Galleria will make you feel like you never want to move. The supple natural leather is beautifully warm to the touch, and you’ll have no trouble getting comfortable on the soft, deep seats. If you’re really going to commit to this nap, pick out a cosy chunky knit blanket and wrap yourself up – you’re in this for the long run.

Galleria sofa
after dinner nap

For the after dinner nappers

Full bellies and naps go hand in hand – it’s a fact. Prime time for napping occurs right after finishing a hearty meal of your favourite comfort food. Whether you’ve worked tirelessly all day preparing the meal yourself, or just worked hard at eating the food someone else has put in front of you, you’re guaranteed to be nodding off within minutes of emptying your plate.

If you can stay awake long enough to drag yourself from your dining room chair, you’re going to sleep much better on a comfy recliner sofa like the Collins. Lean back and put your feet up using the power recline function – it stops at any point from upright to bed mode for the ultimate nap position. Well-fed and cosy, you’ll be snoozing in seconds. By the time you wake up, you’ll be ready for dessert.

Collins sofa

For the nap buddies

Sometimes the only thing that can make a nap better is sharing it with someone you love. Curl up with your other half close by and their comforting presence will make your slumber especially peaceful. But pets make the best nap buddies – they’re fluffy, warm and love snuggling up for a sleep in the middle of the day. Invite the dog to squeeze in next to you, or let the cat curl up on your lap and together you can hibernate from the rest of the world. Doze off and enjoy the extra warmth from your cat-napping companion.

If you’re going to let your pet up on the furniture you’ll need something that can withstand sharp claws and clumsy paws. Whilst no furniture is ever truly pet-proof, a durable fabric sofa like the Hetty is a sensible choice. This range is covered with tightly woven fabric that can be quite resilient, so you can settle down with your 4-legged friend to keep you company and enjoy your nap in peace.


Nap on a sofa you love

There’s one thing all napping styles have in common – nap in the wrong place and you’ll wake up with a crick in your neck, and not feeling refreshed and relaxed as you should. Take the time to get comfy and snug on a sofa you love and you’ll truly be able to make the most of those few precious extra minutes of sleep.

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