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Sofas are all about relaxation. They’re the true heart of the home, the place you’ll gravitate towards to take the weight off your feet after a long day at work, to tune into your favourite TV series, relax with friends or read to your little ones.

But a sofa is so much more than just a place to curl up with a good book or binge-worthy box set. As the place in your home where you’re likely to feel the most comfortable, it’s also the perfect place to unwind with an activity or two, working on your favourite hobbies. Sit back, settle in and use your space to dedicate an evening to your pastimes. It’s one of the most fun ways to relax and unwind in peace and quiet. And who knows, it might even kick-start a new chapter in your career. It’s time to pour yourself a brew and make those dreams a reality – all from the comfort of your dream sofa.  


If you’ve mastered the art of making things, whether it’s knitting items of clothing for a baby in the family or designing cards for friends’ birthdays, ask yourself if it’s time to share your skills with the world. Whether you just want to take to Instagram for a bit of social media kudos, or you want to earn a little extra pocket money, sharing your skills is a great way to reap the fruits of your labour.

If you do fancy making a little bit of cash from your crafts, it’s never been easier to do. Just snap some photos, write a few eye-catching descriptions and pop them online. Templates can make it easy to build your own website, or you might opt for a shop on Etsy, where the eyes of the craft world will be immediately on your products.

To get started on taking your hobby seriously, purchase a crafting trolley that you can fill with your essentials and store next to your sofa. That way you can put it away neatly when you aren’t using it, but still easily access your craft supplies when creativity suddenly washes over you and you feel like getting started on your next masterpiece.


Budding authors or bloggers may often get lost in a book on the sofa, but it’s also the perfect place to kick start your own great novel. Whether you’re an experienced writer or a novice with a big dream, all you need is a notepad, a pen, a laptop and a wave of inspiration. Just grab your supplies, sit back on the sofa and let your imagination run wild.

It doesn’t even have to be a novel. Blogs have exploded in popularity during the last decade and it’s easy to start your own. All you need is passion for a subject and a platform to show this off. Websites such as WordPress are designed to make the process a breeze – simply choose a template, jot down a few ideas and start writing.

If you do want to try your hand at creative writing, the sofa is the perfect place to start your long sessions of flowing ideas. Begin by establishing a plot, determining your characters and drafting some chapters. You never know, the project that begins in your living room just might make it to the shelves of Waterstones in the future.


Do you regularly listen to Serial? Or perhaps you prefer checking in to Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place? Podcasts are among the fastest growing media platforms, with downloads having rocketed across the last few years. The good news, if you’re a podcast fan, is that it’s so easy to emulate your favourites and make your own at home. All you need is a real passion for something – be it a TV show or interior design – a smartphone and a microphone.

With all of that to hand, it’s easy to record from the comfort of your sofa. Just invite a few like-minded friends around to chip in, download a recording app and start discussing your favourite topics. Once you’ve recorded and edited your podcast, there are a huge number of free platforms to put your content out there into the world. You might just find yourself appearing in the download charts before long.


Did you know that Justin Bieber was discovered after uploading a video of himself singing on YouTube? Now, more than 12 years and countless number ones later, he’s worth an estimated $265 million. While Bieber’s ascent to the top of the charts may be a once in a blue moon experience, it’s never been easier to put your talent on display and let everyone see what you can do.

Whether you play an instrument, sing, or both, get comfy on the sofa and start writing a song or put your own unique spin on an old favourite. Once you’ve practiced it to perfection, record yourself playing it and upload it to YouTube. You don’t even need anything more high tech than a smartphone to get started and you might just find yourself as the UK’s next rising star.

Dream sofa

Living out your dream hobby at home requires a dream sofa, a place where you can spend time comfortably honing your craft. Having this dedicated space will keep you motivated and let you relax as you enjoy your favourite pastimes.

A corner sofa, such as the Majestic, provides you with ample space to stretch out and work. Alternatively, if room is more limited, the Bartelli is ideal for getting cosy, while the Midas is a stylish place to start your journey to success. You could even get a matching footstool to rest your laptop or speakers on. Find your dream sofa, get comfy and start turning your dreams of stardom – whether as a writer, recording artist or designer – into reality.

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