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With the long, cold month of January comes the bluest of days. The term Blue Monday was coined back in 2005, putting a name on the nationwide feeling of gloom. Now, it’s a day that we all know and feel too well.

Usually falling on the third Monday of the month, Blue Monday earned its name from the typically grey weather conditions and more; the magic of Christmas has faded, it’s been too long since our last pay day, and, for many of us, we’ve already failed our New Year’s resolutions.

However, Blue Monday doesn’t have to put a dampener on our spirits – there are plenty of ways to lift your mood, even on the grimmest of days. Fill your time with your own personal sunshine and banish those winter blues by enjoying a tranquil night at home on the best sofa for you.

Snack time

After a month’s worth of indulgence, many of us will be trying to stick to a post-Christmas diet. January is a great time to tackle a new, healthy lifestyle, but if you’re feeling down in the dumps, this is the perfect time for a much-needed treat.

Nothing can help put that pep back into your step more than a cheeky snack. Chocolate is an ever-popular choice for those craving something sweet. A staple comfort food, studies have found that eating chocolate helps release endorphins and decrease stress. However, if you really don’t want to break your new healthy habits then pineapple is another sweet option that helps release serotonin and put a twinkle back in your eye.  

Hazelnut cookie

Shut down

This may already be on your list of New Year’s resolutions, and if it is then you’re one step ahead. It’s important to maintain a good work-life balance every month of the year, but especially in January when there’s a little less cheer.

Once the working day is done, turn everything off and snap shut that laptop – any emails you have can wait until morning. Take care of your wellbeing by cuddling up on the sofa under a blanket and diving into a good book to take your mind off work. The plush cushions of the Boodles are easy to sink into as you forget your troubles. With removable scatter cushions, you can choose just how well supported you want to be as you stretch out on the luxurious fabric and settle in for a night of much needed you-time.

Start planning

Now Christmas has been and gone, it might seem like there’s little to look forward to on Blue Monday. With a whole year ahead of you, ramp up the excitement by planning an exciting change at home.

Redecorating your living room will help brighten your mood and give you a sense of purpose. Whip together a mood board to plan your new colour scheme, choose the best sofa for you and add those perfect finishing touches. For some inspiration, you can find us on Pinterest.

To shake up the vibe of the room, go bold by choosing a sofa in an uplifting colour. The Demure is one of our most comfortable sofas, available in a range of soothing shades. By adding colour to your living room, you’ll brighten up your January outlook.

Woman holding a cup of hot chocolate


The most important thing to do on the lowest day of the year? Think about what went well. Despite the grizzly weather and unhappy bank balance, it’s not all doom and gloom on Blue Monday. Celebrate the little things – manage to pull yourself out of bed when it’s cold? That’s an achievement. Did your boss praise you for that project you worked so hard on? Give yourself a pat on the back. Putting a positive spin on the day can really lift your mood and help you look at things a little more fondly.


A fantastic form of medicine every day of the year, spreading a lovely big smile across your face can make your Blue Monday a little more positive – something backed up by everyday life as well as scientific research. Whether it’s having a chuckle with a co-worker or creasing with laughter at that new comedy film with your family, injecting some joy into your day will make your world brighter. Banish those pesky winter blues by doing something that makes you happy with the ones you love.  

Blue Monday may fill you with dread, but these handy tips can help relieve any stress the day may bring. Turn Blue Monday on its head by spending quality time at home on the best sofa for you from Sofology.

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