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If there’s one month of the year that needs brightening up, it’s January. The heart-warming sparkle of Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, and replaced with 31 days of long nights, dreaming about summer. The best antidote? Curl up on a big, comfy sofa, and start your holiday-planning.

At the start of the new year, many of us take the time to sit down and plan our resolutions. It’s a great opportunity to make a fresh start and plan exciting events for the year to come. And when it’s dark and cold outside, the most fun thing of all to plan is a sun-kissed holiday.

Whether flicking through glossy brochures or using the internet to piece together the adventure of a lifetime, spending a night planning your summer holiday from the comfort of your sofa is the best tonic for fighting those winter blues.

Big sofas for big plans

When you’re planning a trip with family or friends, gather everyone in the living room so you can get down to business and choose the perfect destination together. Make sure there’s enough room for every holiday-goer by opting for a big, comfy sofa. Corner sofas are a great way to fit everyone in, huddling around the brochures, the phones or laptops. The Majestic corner sofa comes in a range of sizes that can fit up to seven people and, with the option of adding a luxurious chaise, it’s perfect for spreading out your destination brochures.

Family sat on Sofology Majestic grey fabric corner sofa

Destination browsing from screen to screen

More than 80 per cent of holidays are booked online – and little wonder, given it’s so easy to find the best deals. Most of use our laptops, and if there are a lot of you planning a big adventure, hook up your device to the big screen – this way, everyone can see what’s going on and shout out when they spot something good. Most laptops can be easily linked to your TV with an HDMI cable. Then you can scroll through all the options on your device from the comfort of your sofa and share the planning fun with the rest of your holiday party.

Food for the mood

Whether you’re setting an itinerary with your partner, family or friends, snacks are a fantastic way to get your summer vibes pumping. If you’re tempted by the beauty of the Greek islands, keep the spread in theme with bowls of crumbly feta cheese, fresh olives and creamy hummus. Maybe you’re interested in visiting Spain and fancy having a go at whipping up your own paella? Don’t forget drinks – keep your guests refreshed and feeling as though they’re already on the beach by mixing together a homemade mocktail. You can even add your own mini-umbrellas to create an authentic experience.

Cosy sofas for romantic retreats

For a romantic retreat, you and your partner can enjoy an evening of planning while cuddled up together. As it’s a holiday for two, you can both easily fit around one laptop, meaning a smaller cosy sofa would suit you perfectly. The three-seater sofa from the Layla range is compact enough to ensure maximum cosiness, while still having enough room to squeeze on any guests you might have. The cosy scatter cushions are perfect for leaning back on and the deep foam filled seats offer luxurious comfort whilst giving support. With 13 colours to choose from, the Anneka is a great addition to any home and a great spot to both plan your holidays from and relax on throughout the rest of the year.

Whatever adventure you’re planning to help get you through the winter chill, you can kick-start the excitement in your own living room. Shop for the perfect sofa to spend any night at home from with Sofology.

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