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Knitting is back. It’s a pastime that’s been handed down through the generations, and now there’s a new style to try your hand at: arm knitting.

Typically chunkier than normal knitting, it’s a simpler, bigger approach, using your hands and arms instead of knitting needles. It still effuses that vintage chic look, but it’s more about big and plush than fine and delicate.

After a long day in the office, knitting is a wonderful way to relax and unwind. Trendy meetup groups offer city professionals an opportunity to get together, have a cocktail and knit their worries away. Even A-listers are succumbing to the charm – Hollywood stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Ryan Gosling included.

So, flick on the TV for some background noise, turn on the soft glow of the lamp and sink back into your plump corner sofa. The repetitive movements of stitching and purling will soothe your mind and help you switch off from the world – and, at the end of it all, you’ll have a homemade knitted item to use and enjoy.

What is arm knitting?

Putting a modern twist on the traditional craft, arm knitting is when you use your hands, arms and wrists in place of knitting needles to create chunky weaves. By following simple instructions, you can transform luxurious, fluffy strands of wool into cosy winter furnishings in just a couple of hours. That’s one of the best things about arm knitting – when working on such a big scale, you can create something indulgent in just one evening.

How to arm knit

Now you know what arm knitting is, here’s a simple step-by-step guide to casting on and creating your first arm-knitted loops:

+ Hold the wool (arm knitting yarn is much larger than the conventional sort) in the palm of your hand, approximately 20-30cm from the end of the strand

+ Wrap the wool around your wrist to create a loop

+ With the same hand, pull the long strand of wool through the loop, and pull tight to form a knot

+ Slide the loop onto your wrist. This is the start of the pattern

+ Now, create a loop, twist at the base, and pass it on to your wrist

+ Repeat the technique until you have woollen loops all the way up your arms

Video tutorials are really helpful when learning how to arm knit.  You’ll quickly feel at ease with the technique, allowing you to create items while relaxing. Once you’ve mastered a simple weave, experiment with other designs like basket weaves, ribbed designs and garter stitches to broaden your abilities.

Creating the perfect sofa work station

When your arms are doing all the work, you want to make sure your body is well supported, meaning you’ll need a comfortable sofa. The Linara corner sofa in soft leather is the ideal setting for arm knitting. Settle down in the corner spot with plenty of space to rest your legs and a spot for your wool, too.

If you prefer a fabric corner sofa, the Bella is ideal for hobbies such as this, with the chaise seat whisking you off your feet, and the plump foam cushions keeping you comfortable all through the evening.

Arm knit your own cosy sofa furnishings

Chunky arm-knitted blankets and cushion covers, made with colour-fast wool, can be a dreamy addition to your new sofa, and it’s easy to find some free knitting patterns online. Browse the rainbow of colours available and find the perfect shade for your interior style. There’s something so rewarding about creating your own home furnishings. You feel a sense of pride which you just can’t get from shop-bought items. Best of all, when you’ve finished your arm-knitted creations, you can snuggle up on your sofa and take the meaning of cosy to a new level.

Discover the joys of arm knitting and relish that special time at home. Whether you’re creating for yourself or treating your loved ones, this wholesome hobby is the perfect way to feel warm and cosy in the sanctuary of your lounge this winter.

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