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Christmas has officially ended – the decorations have been packed away for another year, the last of the ‘naughty’ food has been scoffed, and the end of the holiday season is here. We all know what comes next – it’s time to get back to work.

Don’t despair, though. Christmas might be the most wonderful time of the year, but that doesn’t mean January has to be dull. In fact, there’s no better time to treat yourself and make the most of those long winter nights. Here’s a bit of inspiration for how you can spend your evenings once you’re back in the work routine, from getting cosy on your new fabric sofa to discovering your new favourite box set.

Hit the TV boxsets – hard

The best thing about January is that you almost get a free pass when it comes to chilling out on the sofa – so you can bask, guilt-free, in the indulgence of watching your favourite TV boxsets.

This is a month that’s perfectly suited to boxset pleasure as the evenings grow darker and the weather turns even colder. Get yourself comfy and warm on the sofa and catch up on classics such as Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders and Orange is the New Black, or discover series which will make you cling onto the edge of the sofa with Stranger Things, Fargo and Killing Eve.

Entertain friends

While Christmas is all about festive partying, January is ideal for more intimate gatherings and the perfect way to lift your mood when you’re back at work after the festive break. You don’t have to spend loads of money or burn the midnight oil either. Just inviting a couple of friends over for a relaxed dinner, or snacks and drinks, helps to lessen any January blues considerably.

Revamp your living room

New year, new you. Alternatively, new year, new living room. There’s something motivational about January and the start of the new year, as it signals new beginnings and fresh starts. One of the best ways to hit the year running is by having a project to get stuck into.

With this in mind, why not revamp your living room? You can spend some time planning the look, browsing interior design magazines and websites, and pinning inspirational ideas on Pinterest. If your living room has darker tones, you can make a few simple changes to give it more of a summery vibe – washing away the winter blues and providing a welcoming promise of a warmer season to come. Changing cushions and curtains are easy steps to take, or you can go for a more extensive makeover with new wallpaper and paint.

Start a new hobby

The new year is a great time to try something new, and where better to start than with a hobby you’ve never tried before? Is there an ambition you have for 2019? A long-held dream for mastering a new skill? The beginning of a new year provides the perfect opportunity to give something a go.

If your social calendar is looking a little on the quiet side, make the most of the evenings by starting that hobby you’ve always wanted to try, but never got around to. You could sign up to a class or course at a gym or college, but if you prefer to stay at home, there are plenty of hobbies you can do from the comfort of your own living room. You don’t even have to leave your sofa.

Chill out with some music

If you have a spare evening ahead of you and don’t know how to fill it, give yourself the night off. Head to the living room, get the lighting right to create a tranquil atmosphere, put some music on and recline on the sofa. We often don’t give ourselves enough time in our lives just to have some breathing space and properly relax and unwind. Let the music wash over you, and just enjoy some well-earned moments of peace and reflection.

Love your sofa

In January, your sofa really is the star of your home and if you’re planning a month of relaxation, you’ll be spending plenty of evenings curled up or stretched out on it when you get home from work. If you need a new sofa, now’s the time to get one – and make sure you choose a style that’s perfect for relaxation. We’ve got plenty of designs and models to choose from, including a wonderfully warm sofa like the Hollister, or a cosy fabric sofa such as the Belgrade or Majestic.

Try these tips to banish the back to work blues and fall in love with your winter evenings. Find the perfect sofa for your January relaxations with Sofology.

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