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How much ‘me’ time do you enjoy? In a world of fast-paced jobs, busy families and socialising, sometimes enjoying a hobby, relaxing or even just reading a book can take a back seat. But not any more. According to Pinterest, Emotional Escape Rooms are the up and coming home trend for 2022 – a place for people to enjoy quiet time alone exploring hobbies, wellness and mindfulness. Here’s our guide on how to create your own Emotional Escape Room.

What is an Emotional Escape Room?

Searches on Pinterest around terms focused on Emotional Escape Rooms have risen massively since the beginning of the year. Terms searched like “music themed room” have doubled, while “tiny library” have increased twelvefold and “home massage room” searches have risen by 190%. What this shows is that more people want to spend their free time enjoying activities which help their mental and physical health.

Emotional Escape Rooms offer a place away from distractions and can be peaceful and quiet, allowing you to immerse yourself in a writing project, recording music, meditating or doing yoga. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity and interests, and the room can speak for your personality or be a calm and neutral relaxation space which you’ll love to settle into for a few hours of ‘me’ time.

Find your zen

Start by considering what the room will be used for. Are you wanting a small library-style space where you can enjoy reading and writing? Or are you looking for somewhere you can record or play music? Whether you’re exploring a hobby or exercising with yoga, make sure the space works for how you want to use it.

The right colour scheme

Regardless of how you plan on using the room, aim to keep it bright and airy with plenty of natural light – this will help the space feel positive and welcoming, and it’s always nice to absorb a little vitamin D. If you’re going for a calm and relaxing space for yoga, meditation or exercise, opt for a neutral colour palette with whites and creams, or choose pastel shades that will give your room a soft touch of colour.

Furniture is key

Keep it comfy! Whether you’re planning on lounging on a sofa or sitting upright in a cosy chair, your comfort is key, so choose the right soft furnishings to take your relaxation to the max. Opt for a spacious chair from our sustainable Hyde Park or Bramley ranges, so you can curl up and unwind with a reduced impact on the environment – with our Bramley range, you can customise your comfort, with soft QuallofilⓇ Blue fibre fillings or a more supportive Ultraflex Encore seat cushion available.

A multifunctional space

For many of us, there aren’t a lot of free rooms around the house that we can take over and use solely for an Emotional Escape Room. If this is the case, don’t worry, optimise a room you currently use with furniture that can transform at a moment’s notice. If you plan on using your home office, why not add a compact sofa bed from our Finchley or Islington range, which can be pulled out and packed away quickly, but is also a place where you can unwind, take a nap and enjoy a good book when the bed is hidden.

Clever storage solutions are also an ideal choice in smaller spaces – opt for furniture with storage integrated, so you can keep books, magazines and items used for hobbies or exercise stored away when they aren’t in use, like a storage footstool or side table like our Lowa sideboard which offers style and storage space in equal measure.

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