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To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we wanted to explore the different decades of her reign, from the 1950s to present day to see the differences in interior styles, from floral textiles and space age furniture, to postmodern pastels and animal prints – we’ve pretty much seen it all. Take a trip back in time with us and explore 70 years of style for Her Majesty’s Jubilee.

2020s – Sustainable Decor

With a much needed move towards a more sustainable future, the coming decade will be highlighted by biophilic designs focused on using natural, renewable materials that help reduce waste. These interior design schemes create mindful spaces that are calming, using natural paint shades, textures and plants to achieve a zen-like feel. Choose a sofa that mirrors the look, like our Infinity sofa – made using the latest sustainable innovations, including recyclable fabric and seat interiors, this range has a reduced impact on our planet.


2000s – Age of the Feature Wall

The 2000s brought some amazing technological innovations to the fore, like the iPhone, YouTube, Facebook and Bluetooth, but it was also the era of the feature wall. Characterised by neutral cream and white shades combined with an accent wall, this style was all about cohesive palettes, soft tones and stand out accessories which match. Our choice of sofa for a 2000’s revival? The Dakota. Crafted from a choice of supple leather or soft fabric, this sofa is the perfect match for this look – accented with cushions like our Oskana and Bellini scatters which complement the range.


1990s – Brave and Bold

A decade epitomised by Hip Hop, the World Wide Web, the Hubble Space Telescope and the end of the Cold War, the 1990s was a time when people weren’t afraid to be bold. An era where living rooms hosted an eclectic mix of materials, bold colours and space saving storage solutions (usually for the CD collection). To bring this look back for 2022, pair animal prints and vintage-style rugs with indoor plants to give the room a travelled look, placing our minimalist, cosy Layla sofa at the centre of the space.


1980s – Globalisation

Live Aid, Yuppies, MTV and Blockbuster films – the 1980s was a decade of amazing culture, as well as ground-breaking fashion and interior design. Featuring globalised influences from America through to Italy, this decade is characterised by postmodernism as well as a softer approach to interiors – think pastels, candy shades, ‘Miami vibes’ and floral motifs. Introduce this throwback ‘80s look to your space by combining our Moreno or Perle sofas with adventurous wall shades, a sprinkling of chrome and an array of complementary accessories. Choose items like our Miller Blush and West Lake scatters, as well as Lydia side table and a chrome-effect mirror to complete the look.


1970s – Peace and Love 

An era that brings to mind Flower Power, our first female Prime Minister, Disco and arcade games, the 1970s was an amazing time where glam and hippie styles were at the forefront of both clothing and interior design. To give this decade a new lease of life in 2022, choose an autumnal palette of shades including rich browns, oranges, yellows and beiges, and pair with groovy patterns. Comfort is key here – make sure to choose a cosy sofa like our Ravenna or Angelo ranges and pair it with our retro Vogel chair to keep the look consistently ‘70s.


1960s – Expressive decor

Also known as the Swinging Sixties, this was the decade of Beatlemania, the Apollo Moon Landing, Civil Rights and England’s only World Cup win. The ‘60s was epitomised by the use of contrasting materials in the home, like metal, wood, glass and PVC, opening the door to the use of brighter, bolder colours and expressive design schemes. Furniture with almost a ‘space age’ feel is a must here, so give your home a modern 60’s vibe with our Missouri swivel chair, complemented with soft, rounded furniture like our Hetty sofa and chrome accents. Choose a colour scheme that works for you, then do what the ‘60s was all about: express yourself! 


1950s – Post-war Perfection

A decade that will always be remembered for the Coronation of Her Majesty the Queen, the 1950s was an era that gave us Sputnik, Elvis Presley, UK motorways and the Mini Cooper. A post-war period where rationing was still taking place, this was also a time when chintz was ‘in’ and floral textiles were absolutely on point. Give the 1950s another day in the sun, and introduce it in your home with a modern twist by using soft pastel shades and a plethora of floral touches. We’ve chosen our Ashford sofa for this look, given its classic sofa silhouette – it’s the perfect fit for those who love all things frilled, crafted and botanical themed in this 1950s interior style.


How we’re celebrating the Platinum Jubilee

For every sofa order during the Jubilee, we’ll plant 7 trees for the Queen’s Green Canopy, working towards a sustainable future as we celebrate our vibrant past.

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