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Emerge from the Winter hibernation into some fresh Spring Summer interior styles that will capture the optimism of the season.

The welcome return of warmer days creates the urge to refresh your interiors –  and using pastel or sorbet shades in the home brings colour and life into your space.

Uplifting Pastels

Decorating with pastel shades can help create a light and serene living space.  Uplifting pastels reminiscent of holidays set the tone in this nurturing contemporary scheme, where on-trend curves and circular shapes cocoon and comfort. Soft and welcoming, with reflective chrome and spherical details, the mood is inviting and lighthearted – a place to kick back and relax.  

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When it comes to accessories, keep it simple to ensure the space feels contemporary; if pieces are too fussy or ornate it may date the space. If you’re not looking to embrace a full pastel decor, start with an accent chair or a few key accessories like soft furnishings and lighting – they’re an affordable way to explore the trend without committing. To complement, consider selecting a larger piece, such as a sofa, in a muted neutral shade like grey, to create the base of the room which can be warmed with key pastels.

Add a few hints of strong navy blue to a pastel scheme to add depth and prevent it from becoming saccharine.

Sorbet Shades

Sorbet shades are a little warmer than pastels, providing a little more vibrancy without being overpowering. This vibrant, playful trend combines blocks of bright colour with retro style for a maximalist vibe that radiates post-pandemic positivity. This futuristic aesthetic references wall murals and is energised by bold colour combinations – with coral pinks, sunny yellow and cheery azure. Chrome curved ski effect furniture feet introduce a sleek ‘80s twist.

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Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours; when thoughtfully considered, pastels or sorbets can create a full palette for a room, as many shades will complement each other when they have similar tones. Alternatively consider pairing different tones of the same shade – for example, a pastel and sorbet pink, to add depth to a room without clashing.

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