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Featuring the uniquely creative world of BAFTA-winning actress Helena Bonham Carter, our latest TV ad is a journey through an imagined home, that explores everyday creativity, imagination and the little style decisions that define us as individuals. Whether it’s bold expression or understated calm, we all think of style differently – here at Sofology, we’re big fans of being able to express individual style, especially in your own home.  

Sprinkled with a little bit of magic (and camera trickery), Helena’s beautiful and eclectic style provides the fantastical backdrop to some of our sofas and accessories – demonstrating that, with our wide range of designs, you can really bring your imagination to life and feel at home on a stylish and comfortable sofa you love. Replicate these looks in your own home and in your own way, or take inspiration and express your own sense of style with one of our exclusive handcrafted sofas.

Bring imagination to life

The captivating scenes open in a charming dressing room, where our new and exclusive bed, the Secret Garden, takes centre stage. Creating a look that’s ethereal, restful and relaxing – all the things that you want your bedroom to be – the Secret Garden bed is a grand, statement piece with soft curves, a delicate watercolour-like floral pattern and a cocooning wingback design. With warm, muted tones and gold accents across the furniture, this style mixes old and new, with each element combining to make a dream-like space.

Following Helena into an enchanted garden room, the magic and creativity continues with a natural and slightly wild botanical look. This style brings the outside in, for a restorative and relaxing place to enjoy a cup of tea. Our Cordelia sofa in soft, warm leather provides texture – finished in an earthy tone, this range works as a blank canvas that allows gold accents, accessories and greenery to stand out in the space. 

We finish with the actress relaxing in her living room with a huge piece of cake, on our plush, cosy teal chenille Honeycomb sofa. At the centre of this eclectic room are carefully curated pieces that complement the jewel tone of the sofa and intricate honeycomb pattern, for a glamorous space that’s perfect to relax in. This is a style that encourages you to embrace individuality and feel comfortable with your choices – if you want to break rules, then go ahead!

See behind the scenes of our latest ad and all the featured products here. 

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