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Thinking about a decor change for the new year? Parisian apartments ooze elegance and sophistication – romantic, timelessly stylish and effortlessly chic, their unique styling is instantly recognisable around the world. We’ve used inspiration taken from the Baroque, Rococo and neoclassical periods to give you a fresh new look for spring.

French interiors are styled much like their attitude to life; breezy and carefree but effortlessly stylish. So why not bring a little Parisian je ne sais quoi to your home in 2020 with our five Parisian apartment ideas?

Embrace the imperfect

The key to perfecting Parisian style is to never make anything look too polished or uniform. Instead, blend beautiful antiques with new textiles and don’t be afraid to let things get a little messy.

Parisian interiors echo the golden rules of French fashion – look relaxed and never try too hard. Mismatched accessories, large centrepiece rugs, floor-sweeping drapes in colourful hues and ornaments from different periods all help create this laidback and nonchalant aesthetic, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Enhance the light and bright

Parisian apartments are blessed with an abundance of natural light, thanks to the city’s beautiful architecture – think of elaborate, high ceilings with ornate mouldings.

Highlight the existing features of your home and embrace its quirks. If you don’t have the luxury of French windows and sky-high ceilings, then you need to create the illusion of more light by including plenty of cream or white in your home.

Freshly painted white walls, shabby chic furniture and white floorboards are the bones you need to build a beautiful Parisian palace around.

Lounge on luscious velvet

Stylish, comfortable and chic, a sumptuous velvet sofa has been a staple feature in a Parisian apartment for centuries.

From its luxurious appearance and softness, to its more practical features such as durability, there are ample reasons why Parisians have stayed ahead of the velvet sofa trend.

Pair yours with a matching ottoman, or invest in a sophisticated chaise lounge for the ultimate French feel. Curved shapes, like the Perle sofa, exude a more romantic feel, while square shaped pieces, such as the Glastonbury in a mustard plush velvet, lend themselves to a modernist aesthetic.

Hang antique mirrors

Elevate your Parisian style by accessorising with gilded antiques, like a gorgeous antique mirror leant up casually against the wall.

Ornate, gold frames work best when it comes to bringing the Parisian glamour to your home, and mirrors can really help enhance your room, making it appear larger and more spacious.

Smaller flourishes throughout your interiors can also work wonders – look out for tables with gilded legs and gold photo frames.

Invest in modern art

Parisian apartments may look elegant and chic thanks to their stunning architecture, but it’s the contrast between the old and the new that sets them apart.

A good way to introduce a dose of the new into your home is by hanging a piece of statement artwork on the walls.

Usually, Parisian apartments tend to go for one large statement piece, which grabs your attention as soon as you walk in the room, so look out for eye-catching, large designs. If you have a larger space, resting artwork nonchalantly up against the walls can also work too.

If you’ve gone for the Parisian look, let us know on Instagram. And if you’re looking for more interior inspiration, read more of our guides:

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