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There’s no escaping it (and why would you want to) – velvet is back and it’s sticking around. From fashion to furnishings, it’s easy to understand why this luxurious yet versatile fabric is everywhere right now. Texturally, it’s soft and tactile yet hardwearing; aesthetically it’s sumptuous yet easy to dress up or down.

Introducing velvet into your interiors doesn’t mean limiting yourself to a typically traditional look. This new wave of velvet-centric decor sees the fabric playing a variety of parts from centrepiece to accent. With a little consideration and a clever touch, it’s easy to give velvet a modern makeover and create a look that’s both unique and full of personality.

Interior stylist Karen Barlow says: Velvet once again makes an appearance in both contemporary and traditional interiors, proving its versatility and endurance. Fringing and curved shapes are reminiscent of the art deco era and velvet paired with bold wallpapers provides a modern aesthetic.

Lush and Luxe

An artistic twist on a botanical inspired look, using wallpaper to create a mural wall will instantly transform your space. Choosing a heavily detailed, sketched artwork style in a coloured finish adds depth and helps to create a palette for your room that you can build up as you add furnishings and accessories. 

A leafy green mural provides a beautiful lush backdrop which is enhanced by the choice of coffee table or other accent furniture in rich warm coloured wood, carrying the style out from the wall and into the room. 

Continue to layer up the colour and introduce velvet in the form of a sofa or loveseat – like the Perle in Plush Honeycreeper green. The scalloped curves and shell-inspired silhouette of this range will keep the look soft and contemporary.

Emerald green Perle sofa

Art Deco Blush

The art deco look has been around since the 1920s but with a modern twist, it can be the perfect partner for velvet furnishings. Introduce depth on the walls by creating a panelled finish, or for an accent touch that’s easy to refresh, cover a small panel with patterned wallpaper and simply lean it against a wall. Choose patterns with symmetrical and repetitive shapes for that authentic art deco, architectural edge. 

Traditionally bold in style, we’ve given the art deco look a softer feel with our choice of romantic blush pinks. This helps to modernise the trend, with the velvet element being introduced in the form of an accent chair. Choose the Plush Rose Perle chair and add a personal touch with your own accessories. Try a scatter cushion with a metallic, shimmery silver thread to really elevate the style. 

Tie the whole look together with the little details. Add a simple low hanging pendant lampshade that draws on a similar shape to your patterned wallpaper for a really chic, put-together finish.

Pink blush Perle chair

Traditional Elegance

Opting for a more traditional look doesn’t mean you need to play it safe if you choose the right velvet furnishings and accessories. Elegant and eclectic yet easily achievable, our final style bridges the gap between the kind of velvet interiors you might have seen in your grandparent’s house, and the modern, timeless style you want for your home. Master two trends at once by introducing velvet fringe accents into your living room, bringing the fringing trend into this decade with carefully selected items. 

Give the room a contemporary backdrop with dark grey panelled walls to set the scene. Add the traditional element by opting for a classically elegant sofa like the luxurious Vivenne in either plain or patterned velvet. Load up the sofa with scatter cushions and be sure to mix and match clashing patterns to give the look a modern edge. 

If you’re feeling bold, introduce other fringed accents within the room like a fringed lamp or light shade. For a more pared back style, keep accessories simple and let the sumptuous velvet fabric be the star of the show.

Velvet Vivienne Sofa
Traditional velvet sofa

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