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What does sustainability mean to you? Every day, most of us try to do our best to be more sustainable, whether it’s through recycling or saving energy, but an area of our lives often ignored is how we can style our homes more sustainably. 

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, we thought it best to ask the experts. At an intimate evening with architect George Clarke and TV Presenter Georgina Burnett, we explored all things stylishly sustainable in our homes.

Super Stylish Sustainability

Super stylish sustainability is all about making eco-conscious decisions without compromising on aesthetics. It’s easy to think that being eco-friendly without sacrificing comfort or style is impossible, but it’s all about choosing the right pieces to suit your home. Opt for materials that are renewable, like wood or wicker, and make sure they come from sustainable sources. 

Speaking at Redbrick, Georgina noted that the shift toward sustainable furniture has never been so urgent, and that now is the perfect time to embrace some super-stylish ‘eco-chic’ options. 

What makes furniture sustainable?

Sustainable furniture prioritises renewable and responsibly sourced materials, such as recycled plastic bottle yarns for cushions and FSC®-certified wood for frames. This ensures waste is used rather than sent to landfill, and less waste is created at the end of the sofa’s life. Sustainability isn’t just a trend, it is a lifestyle choice which can be made stylish.

At Sofology, we are doing everything we can to redefine the concept of eco-chic living with our Sustainable Edit. A collection of more mindfully made sofas, it features our Gaia range, designed in collaboration with George Clarke. Lovingly handcrafted from soft, durable woven mix fabric, this range features Full Circle™ technology, allowing each element to be unclipped, unbolted and unscrewed so it can be recycled at the end of the sofa’s life.

Cost effective sustainability

With the current cost of living crisis, all of our pockets are feeling the pinch. Going more sustainable with your furniture and appliances may look more expensive on the surface, but it’s all about making the right choices. Speaking at Redbrick, George advised to take note of an appliance’s energy efficiency when making new purchases at home. Opt for AAA options to minimise energy and water consumption, and avoid leaving appliances on stand-by mode. 

George’s mantra is simple: “Go for the greenest thing you can, if you can afford it. If not, then question whether you really need to buy it. Quite often we buy stuff we don’t even need.” We should all be aware of where we’re buying our furniture, but also what we’re using it for. 

Look out for multifunctional furniture that does more than one thing, like a sofa bed or sofa footstool, or tables with storage for added functionality. Opt for items with longer warranties, like our lifetime guarantee, so you can have your furniture repaired rather than sending it to landfill.

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