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With winter now fully upon us, there’s nothing better than spending an evening at home, nestled away from the chill of the outside world. Staying tucked away from the frosty outdoors is the ideal way to spend a long winter night and there’s no better place to do it than from the comfort of your own living room and a lovely big sofa.

Your home is your own personal haven. It’s where you go at the end of every day, like settling into the welcome embrace of an old friend. You’ll want your home to be as comfortable as possible, especially during the coldest time of the year. So to help, we’ve put together six top tips for you to make your living room as cosy as possible.

Banish the cold

Keeping the chill out and the warm in is the number one priority for making your living room as snuggly as can be. Thick curtains are ideal for this. Not only do they look good, floor-length styles – kept closed as the night sets in – will help to keep draughts at bay, while a draught excluder on the front door will stop the cold from sneaking in and ruining your comfy night at home.

Hit the lights

Lighting is a brilliant way to fill your living room with a gentle glow that creates a sense of warmth throughout the room. A few lamps dotted around the room allow you to tailor the level of light to whatever you’re doing, meaning you can dim them when it’s film time, or flick on a couple of extra lights when you’re settling down with a good book. For an added ambient effect, light your favourite aromatic candles – not only will they offer a soothing flicker of light, they’ll fill the room with a sweet wintery scent.

Colour Pop

Adding different textures and layers to your space can help it feel a lot cosier. Think plush throws and piles of luxe cushions spread all over your sofa. Choose rich warm colours – shades of plum, red and emerald green will help maximise the feeling of being toasty.


Hardwood floors look exceptionally chic, but can be unfavourably cold during the winter. Save your toes from those chilly steps across the room by rolling out a luxurious rug. Chenille fabrics have a lovely texture to rest your feet on when watching TV, while thick woollen materials add an extra layer of warmth with their soft, cosy deep pile.

Set the timer

There’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day and realising it’s as cold inside as it is out, especially when you’ve just shut the door to the outside world in an attempt to thaw out. Make sure you’re welcomed home into glorious heat by setting the timer on your boiler. Try to have the heat come on around half an hour before the first person gets home so that everyone can enjoy the warmth as soon as they get through the door.

The perfect sofa

Having the perfect sofa for all the family to cuddle up together on is one of the main things you need to enjoy a cosy winter at home. You’ll want it to be as comfortable as possible, so go for something big enough for everyone to spread out on. A fabric sofa can be a good choice for a warmer winter feel.

The corner fabric sofa in the Cedar range offers enough room for all the family. The contrasting metal feet give it a modern edge without taking away from the comfort of the feather-filled scatter cushions and soft fabric. With the plump arm pads, you’ll feel supported from every angle, helping you relax after a long day.


Making sure your living room is warm and snuggly is a must during winter and can be easily done with these few simple tricks. Ambient lighting and perfectly chosen colours will brighten any home during the cold nights and having the perfect, big cuddly sofa to enjoy it all from will make your night indoors all the better. Make your living room a welcoming haven during winter with Sofology.

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