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It’s well known that your body language says a lot about you as a person, but what about your sofa language? Everyone has their favourite spot on the sofa and, even if you don’t realise it, most of us tend to sit in the same place and in the same way – that comfy little place in the living room that we’re most used to. You might choose to slump down into the corner sofa, rest against the arm, or perch right in the middle for the best view of the TV. Wherever you sit and however you sit there, it says a lot about your personality.

When it comes to investing in a new sofa for your home, take your favourite spot into consideration to help you find your perfect sofa match. It’s important to find one which is the ideal fit for comfort, your personality and matching your interior design. We’ve found out what your favourite spot on the sofa reveals about you to help you choose your next living room focal piece.

Against the arm

If you settle down by resting against the arm of the sofa, this probably means you’re a lover of time spent relaxing and feel safe when cosied up. It’s the best place for you, as it means you can tuck into your own little space and be wrapped in warmth.

If you’re an arm leaner, opt for a sofa with tall, cushioned arms. The Bottega has pillowed arms that lean at an angle, meaning you can enjoy all the support without losing out on any of the comfort.

Middle cushion

You’re clearly the sociable type if you choose the middle seat. You’re right in the centre of the action with a view of everything that’s going on. It doesn’t always mean you want the attention to be on you, but that you don’t want to miss a thing. Choosing the middle cushion means you can surround yourself with your friends and family when you’re relaxing together, and that’s just how you like it.

Go for a sofa that has wide, cushioned seats, such as the beautifully curved Cristiana. With a luxurious amount of space, you can spread out and relax with plenty of room to enjoy your favourite spot in perfect comfort.

Right in the corner

If your idea of comfort heaven is tucking into the corner with prime television views, a corner sofa is just what you need. You can wedge yourself right in to a cosy spot and still have all the leg room you could hope for. Corner-lovers are all-rounded people who want the best of everything. This is your opportunity to enjoy a laid-back evening, so settle down and relax to your heart’s content right in the corner.

We’d recommend the Linara, a roomy corner sofa, so you can enjoy your cosy comforts with the added bonus of warm textured Italian leather. The thick wooden legs accentuate the design and add strength, meaning you’ll be fully supported at all times.

The sofa hogger

No one else gets a look in when you’re around. Feet stretched out as far as you can reach, you like to spread out to relax, making it clear to everyone that you’re settled in for the night to binge on your favourite box sets. The only way that anyone else can join you on the cushioned seats is if they agree to let you spread your limbs out over their lap. If you’re a sofa hogger then it shows you’re the confident and comfortable type who is happy to be themselves and enjoys that special time reserved for extreme relaxing.

The sofa hoggers amongst us know exactly how to use our sofa to its best potential, so bigger is better. Opt for the super-spacious Belgrade with plump seats filled with soft fibre – this luxurious sofa means you can lounge for as long as you want.

Wherever you sit on your living room sofa, it reveals more about you than you might have originally thought. Take note of your sofa sitting position and think about what other common sofa habits say about you.

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