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As winter arrives on icy winds and the nights become longer and darker, there’s nothing better than feeling wonderfully cosy at home. That sense of total comfort you experience when snuggled under a blanket, sinking into a cuddly corner sofa, is one that we all enjoy. So popular is this feeling in the Nordics that the Danish and Norwegians even have a dedicated expression which puts it into words – hygge.

Pronounced “hoo-ga”, it describes the warming mood of cosiness and wellness you experience when you’re content and relaxed. It’s a feeling that can wash over you whenever you feel truly relaxed, whether you’re reading a book inside on a rainy afternoon or lighting the fire when it starts to snow.
Whatever gives you a sense of hygge, we’ve got a number of tips on how you can make your home a relaxing retreat.

Candles, scents and aromatherapy

Candles are a signature aspect of hygge culture and the Danes are known for burning an impressive 13 pounds of candle wax per person every year. Finding the best scent to fill your home when embracing hygge will perfect the atmosphere. Whether you prefer the aroma of winter spice, pine forest or fresh cotton, there are plenty of options to choose from that’ll fit the vibe of your home.
If you want to get creative, then why not try making your own? Pick out your favourite ingredients and let the smells from your kitchen waft throughout your home as you create your own personal candles for hygge time.

The little things

Hygge is all about enjoying the little things that create the comforting atmosphere you love. Pulling on warm woollen socks, drinking a luxury hot chocolate topped with marshmallows or watching your favourite film while chilling out on a soft corner sofa – it’s the simple things that make your day perfectly hygge and they can be different for everyone.
For many, it’s spending the day in comfort by wearing hyggebusker – the Danish word for those cosy trousers you wouldn’t wear outside of the house. They might not work for a day at the shops, but your hyggesbusker are key for relaxing at home.

Be sociable

You might think hygge means spending your winters alone watching Netflix while curled up under a blanket – and to be honest, while it does sound lovely, it isn’t what the concept is all about.
Spending time with loved ones is a crucial aspect of hygge, so relish a night in with them in your home. Treat your guests to the mouth-watering scent of freshly-baked treats – the aroma will get their noses twitching and keep everyone sweet as they settle into relaxation mode.

Me time

When everyone’s gone home, you’ll have the house to yourself to enjoy a bit of ‘me time.’ Get into hygge by embracing the moment of solitude and enjoy your own company.
Run yourself a hot bath and fill it with scented bubbles to soak away your troubles in the water. Make your day of hygge perfectly fitted to your taste by creating a playlist of all your favourite chill out songs and treat yourself to something delicious as a special gift from you to you. To really relax, swap scrolling through social media apps on your phone for your go-to feel-good book.

The space

Hygge is all about creating the right atmosphere in your own space. Having a nook where you can get cosy, which the Danes call a hyggekrog, will no doubt give you a lovely feeling of hygge. Make your living room a comfortable haven by filling it with soft blankets, plush cushions and a comfy leather corner sofa to snuggle up on.
Whether you’re getting into the hygge spirit with others or just want extra room to spread out, there’s plenty of room on the corner sofas from our Bottega range. Its high-backed design gives fantastic back and neck support for that extra layer of comfort.
Alternatively, the Pemberton is great for any hygge-fuelled day. It’s available in a super cosy pillow back version that gives you layers and layers of soft scatter cushions to curl up against. The beautiful mix of fabrics will make relaxing feel incredible.

Embracing the feeling of hygge is all about relaxation and there’s no better time to lay back on the sofa than on a cold winter’s night. Find the best comfy sofa for your hygge evening at home with Sofology.

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