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What is a Smart Sofa?

From USB chargers and recliner options, to design features and even fabric, a smart sofa is a relatively new idea that you may have come across during your hunt for new furniture. Whether you’re looking to tech-up your living space, or if you’re unsure about the latest and greatest sofa innovations, we’ve got all the information you need to find a (smart) sofa you love.

Utilising your space

Smart sofas make the most of your space, with options like recliner features and power headrests allowing you to customise your comfort whilst using barely any space in your room. Innovative incliner designs mean you can place a power recliner sofa just 10cm from your wall whilst controlling the angle you recline at. Whether you want to have your feet just off the ground, or want to go into full ‘bed mode’, a power recliner provides both and all the angles in between.

Ergonomic design

Another great part of smart sofas is their ergonomic design features, such as drinks holders, like on our Priestly range, which features cup holders built into its console table. This is handy as it reduces the need for nearby coffee tables and coasters. Some smart sofas even provide cooling features in the cupholders, which keep your drink ice cold as you relax. 

Another ergonomic feature of smart sofas is storage. With a discreet storage compartment built directly into the sofa, you can have somewhere to store your tv remotes and other electronic controllers to reduce clutter. Take a look at our Cadenza sofa, which has hidden storage compartments built into its central arm supports.

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Electronic Features

Smart sofas are mainly known for their electronic features – imagine a world where you don’t have to leave your sofa to charge your phone, or don’t have to even have your recliner plugged into the wall for it to recline.

USB ports can draw power from either the wall socket or from an internal battery. What’s more, you can also plug some recliner sofas into a battery pack, meaning you no longer need to plug your sofa into the wall and can place it wherever you like. Our Radley sofa features both USB charging ports and the option to use a rechargeable battery to power the recliner functions.

Smart Fabrics

Smart sofas can even be made from smart fabrics, but what makes a material smart?

Firstly, there’s sustainability. With eco-conscious shopping becoming more popular, a sofa with eco fabric like our Infinity range, is a great choice. This range features seats filled with Quallofil Blue fibre fillings, a material made up using 50% recycled plastic on the seats, and there’s also sustainable fillings in the back cushions as well.

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Smart sofa materials also include fabrics that provide extra protection from the strains of daily life, like our easy clean pet-friendly fabric. Featuring Aquaclean Extreme technology, this material has a physical layer between the fabric loops and the top part of the fabric, which makes the fibres stronger and less susceptible to snags and tears. Anti-allergenic, Pet Friendly fabric is made from ultra-fine fibres, which help prevent dust and allergens from penetrating through the fabric.

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