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Sofology’s cinematic Little Things ad has hit screens and social networks across the UK – and we went backstage to speak to the creative minds that brought it to life.

Created in 17 weeks, involving 60 people and two beautiful sofas, it’s the next instalment of the Little Things concept, again narrated by former X-Files star David Duchovny.

The idea behind the ad

The ad whisks the viewer away on an indulgent journey of textures and sensations, the attention to detail and the care that goes into making your sofa a central part of feeling at home.

It’s that sense of comfort and craftsmanship that Sofology and creative agency Brave wanted to bottle up and transform into a big-screen moment, shining a light on the little things and making us realise how powerful they are.

“The advert is a compact but epic journey from the humble atom to a beautiful sofa”, says the ad’s director, Antar Walker. “You start on a single atom, which is infinitely small, pulling out to reveal this universe of textures and materials around you, from fibres to feathers and springs, to a sofa.”


Exploring the world of CGI

The key to the mind-blowing journey is all thanks to computer-generated imagery (CGI), created by the Moving Picture Company.

Shrinking the viewer down to the size of an atom, the ad feels more like some kind of intergalactic adventure, exploring parts of the universe that are normally beyond our reach, rather than zooming in on the finest details of a handcrafted sofa.

“[CGI] allows a lot of creative freedom so we can explore the world of Sofology”, says Antar.

Like all good things, CGI takes time – it took close to seven weeks to create the imaginary world. “Everyone was collectively aiming to raise the bar after the previous three Little Things ads”, says Director of Creative, Sebastian Brown. “We really wanted to show how the quality and detail of our sofas, and what goes into them, makes our customers feel at home.”

Creating the perfect set

Home is at the heart of the Sofology story. For photographer Kelvin Murray, creating a set that felt genuine was of paramount importance. “I want to capture people in their natural environments, with light flooding in through the windows and a real sense of emotion and being satisfied lying on a sofa”, he says.

Creating natural lighting in a studio is one of most difficult parts to master, he explains. “It’s a balancing act of making it look real

When the lighting is set and the cushions are plumped, you need people to make the scene come to life. Two sofas feature in the advert, our Perle and Vivienne ranges, so two characters were created to complete the picture. “One was quite casual, sort of jeans and t-shirts, for one sofa and then chic and luxe for the second sofa,” says Wardrobe Stylist, Madeleine Bowden.

Whether you’re the chic or casual crowd, take a look at the final ad on our Facebook page, and take a look at the little things that make home feel like home on our blog, Sofological.

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