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Putting our pet friendly sofa to the test with the residents of the Cat Cafe

At Sofology, we want everyone to feel at home on a sofa that they love.  Picking a sofa that suits your sense of style, offers great quality and fits your budget are all key factors in finding the right sofa for you  –   but perhaps most importantly, finding the right sofa means finding something you can really cosy up on and totally relax on in your home. 

Cats are masters of relaxation – they really know how to chill out. Sleeping for up to 18 hours a day, they put themselves first and make sure that their comfort needs are met. We could all learn a lot from cats!  That’s why, when we launched our range of sofas in a new pet friendly fabric, we knew exactly who to ask to try out our pet friendly sofa range.


The feline residents of the Cat Cafe in Liverpool spend hours every day lounging on their sofas, interacting with customers who have taken sanctuary for a cuppa and the company of a cat.  The Cat Cafe’s mission is to create relaxed, stress free spaces for cats and humans to interact and so we sent one of our pet friendly sofas, in a luxurious fabric that looks and feels like velvet, for the cats to experience and see if it met their expectations when it comes to lounging around.

Studies have shown that stroking a cat can lower your heart rate and hearing them purr can lower blood pressure.  Naturally, cat lovers and owners will want to feel those benefits from their own pets at home.  But to truly feel at home on a sofa you love, you want the peace of mind that when you and your pets are kicking back together and relaxing, that it’s not at the expense of your new sofa.  Our pet friendly fabric is designed to be more resistant to pet claws than traditional fabrics with the makeup of the fabric helping to prevent accidental snagging  – so who better to try that out than the Cat Cafe?  With a smooth surface that’s easy to wipe away cat hairs – and a fabric design that means that customer drinks and spills can be cleaned with just water – it should be win win for both customers and cats alike!

Here Ellie Close, Managing Director of the Cat Cafe in Liverpool, tells us about the ethos of the cafe and how her residents are finding their new sofa……..

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