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Who doesn’t love sprawling out on the sofa when you get home? That feeling of finally being back in your own space, surrounded by your family, with plenty of time ahead of you to chill out – bliss. It’s fair to say that a corner sofa is the ultimate choice for stretching out and relaxing. No matter how big or comfy your 3 or 4 seater sofa is, nothing compares to the cosiness of lounging on a corner. Fight it out for the best seat – set yourself up in the corner spot, with your legs draped over the cushions, TV remote and your favourite sofa snacks close at hand.

Choosing the best corner sofa for your space takes a little careful consideration. From sleek and modern, to oversized and luxurious, there’s a style to suit every room. Measure up, reorganise your space and read our guide to choosing the perfect corner sofa.

Divide and conquer

If you love light airy rooms, open plan living is right up your street. Perhaps you knocked through to combine the living and dining spaces, or perhaps your house was always designed that way. Either way, the right corner sofa can work beautifully as a way to divide the areas, defining which space is for relaxing and which is more functional. Many studios, apartments and flats feature open plan kitchen/living rooms, and, even when space is a little limited, a corner sofa can help you to create the illusion of definition between the areas.

For bigger spaces, with more room to play with, there are few limitations when it comes to corner sofa choice. The Gracy is available in a highly durable leather option that’s perfect for busy homes with young children and pets. Choose from left or right hand configurations to suit the layout of your room, or opt for the biggest corner option that’s made up of two 3 seaters, joined by a comfy corner piece. With extra armless units available, you can adapt the size and shape to fit your living area.

In a studio or flat, it’s a good idea to choose something with a more compact silhouette. A high backed sofa will look as though it’s taking up more space, and your room will feel smaller. The best corner sofa for this kind of room is the Cedar, with a modern, low back style and high set legs that will keep your space looking, and feeling, open and airy.

Bigger is best

Sometimes it can be more difficult to furnish a large living room than a small space. With all that room to play with it can be tricky to know where to start. The last thing you want is for your cosy, dream living room to end up looking bare or sparse. A chunky, oversized corner sofa is the ideal solution. Whether you position it to run along two walls or use it to break up the space, it offers the ultimate in seating solutions – your family and friends will always be able to squeeze on for movie night.

If space is no issue, choose a corner sofa with a supportive, high backed design. The Maddox is a great choice, and it’s available in a clever power recliner option. This works even when the sofa is almost touching the wall, so you can place the corner wherever you like, then recline and relax at the push of a button.

Perhaps you want to add a little grandeur to your home? If so, the Cristiana is the best corner sofa for you. Crafted from luxury fabric, the sweeping curves and hand buttoned back will give your room instant character and classic style. Don’t miss the matching footstool – an essential when you want to put your feet up and switch off from the world.

Compact and cosy

Just because your living room is a bit on the smaller side, you don’t necessarily have to compromise on your dreams of a comfy corner sofa. Some models are compact enough to fit in smaller spaces, and others often break into several parts to make it easier to fit them into your home – they re-assemble easily once you have them in position.

One of the best corner sofas for a smaller living room is the Bartelli. With a curved back design and hand button detailing, it makes up in character what it lacks in size. Choose the ‘L’ shaped 3 seater for that little extra bit of room to curl up and chill out. If that’s still slightly too big for your living room, you could consider the Brighton in the 3 seater chaise option. It’s not quite a corner, but you can stretch out on the chaise in front of the TV and feel just as comfy.

Go all out

Lucky enough to have an extra room in your house to set up as a cinema or gaming room? Take advantage of the luxury and go all out with your sofa choice. Space is on your side (and you’re going to want to be super comfy for hours of movie or game binging) so take full advantage. Crafted from super soft Chenille and finished with glamourous chrome studs, the Midas delivers on style and comfort. Along with left and right facing configurations, it even has a beautiful curved corner option that will make your movie room the envy of all your friends.

Pick the perfect corner sofa for your space and come home to a sofa you love every day. Have you got a Sofology corner sofa in your house? Show us your corner styling tips by tagging us over on Instagram.

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