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If you’ve seen our latest TV advert featuring the luxurious Belgrade you’ll know that we put a lot of thought into the little details that go into each of our handcrafted sofas. We truly believe that little things make life better, whether it’s the exquisite finish of the fabric that we use, or the exceptional quality of the fillings that we put into the seat cushions.

Every element of each range is designed and crafted with the single purpose of helping to make coming home feel more special for you. By following the craftsmanship journey of the Belgrade sofa from conception to completion, you can understand the level of care and attention to detail that goes into every Sofology range.

What’s inside matters

We take the time to source sustainable wood that’s strong and durable, which is then precision cut to form the frame that lies at the heart of each sofa. Cutting the wood in this way ensures consistency, so each model is as sturdy and resilient as the last. The pieces of the frame are securely glued, dowelled and screwed together to make sure that each piece of furniture will stand the test of time. Before production continues, each frame is rigorously tested to ensure safety and stability.

Every frame is fitted with solid steel serpentine springs that provide the suspension that you need to support the sofa cushions. Along with making the sofa more comfortable, this network of springs also looks after your cushions by sharing the weight equally across the whole seat. Learn more about the benefits of solid steel springs here.

Pattern-matched perfection

When you look at the Belgrade you’ll instantly notice the rich texture of the luxurious velvet – but on closer inspection you will also see that the beautiful intricate pattern runs across the whole sofa without interruption. Accomplishing this is no easy feat. Known as ‘pattern matching’, achieving this level of attention to detail requires meticulously cutting the fabric, allowing just half an inch for seams to preserve the pattern after the sofa has been upholstered.

Cutting and stitching the fabric in this manner means that the patterned design of the velvet will run across the backs, down the seats and even across the arms of the sofa. The finished result is flawless, reflecting the superior quality and expertise of the craftsmanship.

A perfect fit

Once all the pieces of fabric are cut, they are stitched together by expert seamstresses, and beautiful details like piped seams are added in. When complete, the upholstery process can begin, with the separate sections fitting perfectly onto the frame.

As each piece is added, the details of the frame come to life, from the beautifully scrolled arms to the gently curved backs. The fabric is secured with staples and stitches to ensure a finish that will last for years to come.

Finishing touches

The Belgrade is finished with solid wood feet that are hand turned on a lathe and finished with a castor. Available in a choice of varnishes, these beautifully detailed feet are the perfect finishing touch. Find out more about how solid wood feet enhance our exclusive sofa ranges in our article here.

When all these little elements are brought together the end result is simply stunning, and a true testament to the skills and craftsmanship of our whole team. Watch our short video ‘Crafting the Belgrade’ and see for yourself how this show stopping sofa range is brought to life

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