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Crafting comfort takes more than plump cushions, soft fabric or supple leather. Of course, these little things are all important, and when they are brought together with beautiful details like hand nailed studs or solid wood feet, a masterpiece of comfort is born.

But no sofa could be crafted at all without the suspension unit fitted to the base that provides the vital support for your cushions. The solid steel springs that we use on our ranges not only enhance the durability of your furniture, they also improve your comfort. Little things like this make life better – and we know that you will feel the difference every time you take a seat.

Serpentine springs and silent wire

The most common type of suspension used on our ranges, solid steel serpentine springs live up to their name with their wavy S shape formation. Each spring is fitted from the back of the sofa frame and secured to the front, creating a network that runs across the whole base.

As an extra step, we alway use silent wire with our serpentine springs. This simple piece of wire runs horizontally across the base, attached to the springs so that they will always work in unison. To put it simply, no matter where you sit on the sofa, the silent wire makes sure the weight is distributed across all of the springs, rather than the springs directly underneath you. The benefits of this? You’ll never slip into the corner of your seat, your cushion won’t become worn in one particular area, and your sofa will last longer.  

Our wonderfully cosy Emperor sofa features serpentine springs and silent wire, keeping it comfortable day after day. Prefer the look of leather? The Holmes range also features this type of suspension.

Fishmouth sprung edge

In some ranges, the network of solid steel serpentine springs is enhanced with a feature called a fishmouth sprung edge. This runs along the very front edge of the base of the sofa and takes the form of an extra layer of springs, raised above the others – giving it a distinctive ‘fishmouth’ shape.

Think about how you sit on your sofa – the most wear and tear is often seen along the front of your cushions. By perching on the edge or resting your legs, this part of the cushion is prone to becoming flattened with regular use. Whilst regular plumping will go a long way to restore the shape of your seat cushions, and keep them looking great, a fishmouth sprung edge can be effective in preventing excessive wear.

This edge provides much-needed extra support along the front of the base, giving your cushions the additional resistance to help them hold their shape. Your seat will feel especially supportive, helping you stay comfortable through box set binges and movie marathons.

The Belgrade is beautifully luxurious, thanks in part to its base fitted with solid steel serpentine springs, silent wire and a fishmouth sprung front edge. Take a seat on the Autograph and you will also feel the benefit of the fishmouth sprung base.

Fully coiled sprung base

Some of our ranges feature a type of suspension made up of individual coils of solid steel springs. This is the ultimate in sofa suspension, and therefore found on our most premium ranges. A whole unit of these coiled springs sit within the base of the frame, providing durability and resistance that is second to none.

Each tightly coiled piece of solid steel has the ability to compress when you sit on the sofa cushion, providing support similar to the kind you may have experienced with a sprung mattress. The springs run all the way from the front to the back of the sofa, providing the same resilience you get with a fishmouth sprung edge. Not only does this mean great comfort, the springs will last and last for years to come, so you can love your sofa for longer.

If you want to enjoy the incredible comfort of this kind of suspension, try our luxurious Hollister range. It combines incredible style with amazing craftsmanship so that you can relax in total cosy comfort.

Little things make life better

Hidden away in the base of your sofa you may not have given great thought to the springs that work hard on the inside to keep you comfortable. At Sofology we understand how these kinds of little details make a difference. That’s why we craft thoughtful details into every range, to help you feel at home on a sofa you love. Browse over 200 exclusive sofa ranges at sofology.co.uk

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  • Heather Simpson says:

    Do you make sofas with interior sprung cushions as well as fully sprung bases? Ballpark price for a 3 seater?

    • Alice Flemming says:

      Hi Heather,

      The best thing to do is to speak to one of our trained and skilled Sofologists who will be able to find the perfect sofa to fit your needs and will also be able to give you a price. You can call our team via telephone or video chat, and our stores in England reopen on 12th April if you would like to visit too.


      Many thanks