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The resurgence of metal marks an exciting time in home design. From copper bathroom fittings to cool chrome furniture, there are many ways to galvanise your favourite spaces.

Gone are the days when metal decor was reserved for kitchen taps and the occasional, solitary mirror. Today, home designers are shunning plastic in favour of sturdy staples – like metal and concrete.

Wander through trendy neighbourhoods and you’ll see metallic wallpaper glimmering through windows and bronze fixtures aplenty. Bare metal can be used to achieve diverse looks – here are four ways to use it in your scheme.

copper lamp and metallic accessories on side table

Copper chaos

Indulgently warm and still seriously chic, copper accents are here to stay. A simple splash of this burnt orange material can turn everyday items into statement pieces – think sinks, plant pots or even kitchen hardware.

The look can be toned down, but it’s best dressed up. In fact, the latest versions of the copper craze tend to be bolder than ever, featuring copper bathtubs, gilded feature walls and even entire chairs made from copper.

While earlier years were defined by accessories, 2019 is all about building metallics into the structure of your home. Go for light fixtures rather than lamp shades and shelving rather than decorative vases. This subtle difference helps to absorb metal into the fabric of your home.

If you’ve read our guide to feng shui, it can shape the flow of energy, too. Set copper pipes against white tiles in the bathroom or create a dressing room with copper clothing rails. You can even use pipes to build quirky shelving for your living room. The continued copper craze doesn’t disappoint.

Discover a zeal for steel

Silvery metals ooze functionality, which makes them well-suited to industrial home designs. They also suit glitzy, glamorous and futuristic apartments.

Shape is the secret to creating bold looks with stainless steel. Try long stair bannisters, modern upright radiators or sturdy door frames. This is an effortless tone that channels cooler energy than copper, so there are even more ways to accessorise.

The metal-based Marmont is great for creating that luxurious apartment look, while the stylish Moreno recliner can work unusual shapes into your living space.

Steely hues may create noise or balance out warmer colours. Industrial kitchens are often bolstered with stainless steel worktops, farmhouse sinks and shiny pendant lights. Living rooms take a softer approach by balancing iron coffee tables with neutral walls and brightly patterned rugs.

The grey studded Midas offers the opportunity to make a loud statement, though – pair with a silvery feature wall and two mysterious arm chairs for a hint of luxury.

Go for gold

Copper’s mature older sibling, gold is timeless and powerful. Use it to create a daring antique look, a dazzlingly delicate rose gold effect or something distant and Moroccan – take a look at our guide for more ideas.

Home designers have stopped wondering where to use gold and instead are asking how much they can get away with. The answer is as much as you feel: pair golden lamps and tables with deep velvet sofas and richly coloured walls. Layer with bold brass accessories such as mirrors, vases and elaborate sculptures. Don’t forget ceiling lights and curtain rails – they make it easy to inject a dose of glitz.

Teal works well with warm metallics, as do midnight blue hues. The Perle comes with elegant golden legs – try it in peacock or teal for a burst of colour.

Sofology Hollister with metallic accessories

Mixed metals

The latest in a long line of shimmering trends, modern mixed metals lets you layer up. Declaring your home a gold or silver zone is no longer necessary – with this look, you can have the best of both worlds.

The trick is to strike a harmonious balance by adding warm hints to cool spaces or vice versa. Think outside the box and you’ll find metallic tones in unexpected places. Silvery fabrics like those featured in the Hollister might be flanked by twin golden lamps or a coffee table on bronze hairpin legs.

Best of all, this look can suit any scheme. If you love mid-century and Scandinavian designs, balance metallic details with wooden furniture. Farmhouses suit gold candlesticks and silvery mirrors, while bohemian styles can embrace wonderful trinkets from all corners of the globe.

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