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How would your inner child approach home design? Forget the interior design rules you thought you knew and bring out your kooky side with these quirky home decor ideas.

From your own wall art to secret surprises, there are many ways to go bold. Embrace your youthful imagination – brimming with weird and wonderful ideas – and get creative.

Create wall art

If you adore quirky canvases, why not create your own? All you need is a bold imagination and an eye for design to ace impressive effects.

Frames are your friends for this project – clustered frames are perfect for trying out a few styles. Get creative with the contents, using fabrics, wallpaper or sequins to create a unique look with many different textures.

For an unusual touch, use a stencil to add your favourite quotes or sponge on shapes with acrylic paint. Showcasing your interests with cuts from old books, musical notes or retro posters can give your home that unique edge. You might even want to try some decoupage and other handicrafts.


Sculpt industrial shelves

Storage is often essential – but it’s also an opportunity for fun. Embrace the industrial look by stacking crates to build enviable corner shelves. Adventurous designers can even use copper pipes or scaffolding as brackets. These give homes a bare, stripped-back look that’s chic and on-trend. If you want some more ideas, take a look at our guide to making storage stylish.

Go for a big and bold sofa

As the living room’s beating heart, the sofa is your main chance to showcase quirky credentials. When selecting the perfect suite, you should consider the overall look you want to achieve. Is it sleek and futuristic, dandy and colourful, or wonderfully wild?

The Belfort is one of Sofology’s most futuristic designs – the stitched-button look suits a soft-furnished space and the scatter cushion option enhances quirky urban living rooms or Morocco-inspired lounges.

Or, take a walk on the wild side by choosing the glamorous Savannah in Safari Bronze. Sometimes, a bold colour is enough to add interest. Try the Maya in blush pink or the lavish emerald Cricket to experiment. If you prefer to express yourself with shape, consider the effervescent curves of the beautiful Sardinia.


Ignore what other people think

Interior design is all about creating an environment you’ll flourish in – impressing other people isn’t essential. Unlearn the impulse to go with the crowd by carving your own vision and methods. Living rooms don’t necessarily need perfectly pleated curtains.

Feature walls offer an opportunity to experiment with unconventional decor. You might build a dreamy aquarium, spritz paint Jackson Pollock-style or create a full-wall map to display your wanderlust. Stencils make great tools for creating wonderful shapes, from cool geometric patterns to calming mountain landscapes. Pair with matching sofa cushions for a balanced effect.

Unusual living room ornaments might include large sculptures or even palm trees and water features. You’ll be surprised by how liberating it feels to leave the rules behind.

Get special effects from your lighting

There are a million ways to light your living room, from mid-century modern to contemporary mood lighting. But, did you know it’s possible to create wonderful effects with your lights?

Lamp shades and fixtures are designed to manipulate light. In the most extreme cases, they transform plain rooms into mysterious forests. Lamp shades can also manipulate colour – work glimmering golden hues into your space or harness the healing energy of vibrant salt lamps. 

Add secret surprises

Open-plan kitchens, dining and living rooms are an enduring trend. As the way we use our homes has shifted, renovators often aim for unity.

This is a great opportunity if your home is on the smaller side. Dining tables can open to reveal pool tables, breakfast bars may double as cocktail bars and computer gaming zones might fold out from cabinets.

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