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Every year, Dulux specialists from the Global Aesthetic Centre come together to decide which shade will become the new colour of the year . These specialists work closely with colour experts, interior designers and architects to decide which shade accurately reflects the mood and feeling of the time.

These shades vary annually, but each one is timeless and can work in your home for years to come. Previous years have offered shades like Heartwood , Denim Drift , Cherished Gold or Copper Blush, each with a unique and individual intention that aims to breathe new life into your home. This year’s shade, Spiced Honey, is meant to reflect optimism, purpose and “letting the light in”.

Read on to find out how you could implement the Spiced Honey shade in your home, helping to update your living room decor and leaving you cosy and happy on a sofa you love.

Spiced shades

With spiced tones, you can give your home a really warm and cosy feeling simply with a lick of paint. The Spiced Honey shade is versatile, allowing you to mould your home into a comfy, calming retreat or a place of energy and motivation depending on the palettes you choose and how you use the colour in your living space.

Feature walls can work really well with the Spiced Honey shade, either as a bold block wall colour, or by using patterned wallpaper – there isn’t a limit or restriction when it comes to this, geometric prints or even floral patterns could work well with these shades.

The Spiced Honey tone works across a variety of different palettes created specially by Dulux, each with an individual intention and descriptor: “a soothing place to think”, “a calming place to dream”, “a cosy place to love”, “a vibrant place to act”. These palettes move from warm and cosy to bright and striking, so you can choose the right one to suit you.

The perfect sofa for spiced tones

Finding a sofa that works with spiced palettes and is cosy and comfortable at the same time will turn your room from simply stylish into a space that you love coming home to. You want a sofa that looks the part, but you don’t want to sacrifice the comfort for the style.

The Belgrade is one of our most premium sofa ranges, handcrafted from double density deep pile velvet, with stunning patterns that run seamlessly across the entirety of the sofa. Available in 18 fabric options you can adapt this sofa to the specific spiced palette you choose for your home.

Another good choice to suit the Spiced Honey theme is the Bartelli sofa, a subtly curvaceous piece that’s perfectly suited for a light and bright living room. The durable but comfy woven mix fabric is available in a variety of more muted, neutral shades, which can help keep the focus of the space on the colour scheme.

Leather sofa ranges are also a perfect fit with spiced toned decor. Many of our natural leather ranges come in shades that perfectly complement the spiced toned palettes. The Valentino is a great fit for this trend – available in shades of rich, warm brown that complements honey or amber accessories. It has deep supportive foam and fibre seats, as well as stunning hand nailed stud detailing to offer comfort and style in your home.

Finish the space with the right accessories

Accessorising your home within the Spiced Honey trend couldn’t be simpler. Wood or metallic elements work really well in the space, but bear in mind that the aim of the trend is to make the space bright, so keep any wooden furniture light and natural.

Metallic furniture naturally reflects light, so metal fixtures and fittings for lights or a side table can add a beautiful sparkle in your home and keep the room bright and airy. Mixing mirrors with metallic elements also helps reflect the light, but don’t feel stuck using square shapes. Circular or angular geometric mirrors can help to break up block colours, offering a contemporary edge to the room.

Create a cosy space you love with spiced tones

Home is all about feeling safe and warm, a space where you can express yourself with your own unique style and tastes. Spiced Honey, the Dulux Colour of the Year, is the perfect shade to update your home decor for 2019, helping your home feel more cosy and relaxed, and providing a fresh optimism for the year to come.

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