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What makes a house a home? It’s the people we live with, the memories we create with one another, and most importantly for some, the pets we share our lives with. A house is just bricks and mortar, but it’s the people (and pets) inside that truly make it special.

Having a furry friend – or a non-furry friend for the reptile lovers amongst us – can complete a family unit, offering companionship to adults or a playmate for younger children. Read on to find out the 5 main reasons why we think your home needs a pet.

Welcome home

We all know the feeling of getting out the car and trudging towards the front door after a busy day at work or school. You’re tired, hungry, perhaps stressed due to your job, and you just want to get comfy on the sofa and relax. But if you have a dog, your evening will instantly lighten up as they greet you at the door.

Full of cuddles and kisses, your dog won’t be able to leave you alone as you step across the threshold, instantly giving you a feeling of relief as you walk inside. Simply being the one person your pet has missed all day gives you that feeling of being loved, making you happier after stressful days out and about.

Snuggle Buddies

Once you’ve been welcomed into your home by your furry friends, it’s time to relax on the sofa – and who better to relax with than the family pet? Whether it’s your cat or your dog, your rabbit or your guinea pig, having your pet there with you for some quality snuggling time is the finishing touch on a truly relaxing evening.

A great sofa range for a snuggle with your best buddy is the Hetty. Bright and stylish, the supportive but comfy seats, filled with foam and Dacron fibre, are the perfect place to chill out and find the best relaxation position for you and your pet; either cuddled beside you or on your lap. Once you’re settled, pop your favourite TV show on and settle in for the night.

Someone to talk to

Many of us live alone – it isn’t a bad thing, it can be good to have an independent lifestyle. But, it’s human nature to want a connection with someone, for a conversation or simply for company as you unwind of an evening. Having a pet to chat away to as you cook dinner, do housework or even just as you relax in the living room can be a great release and a way to vocalise ideas or worries you may have.

Pets will always give us attention – even if they don’t always understand what we’re saying – and if you’re part of a bigger family, you can rely on your pet to silently agree with you and be on your side.

Comedy Gold

Even if you don’t browse the internet all that often, almost all of us will have come across videos on YouTube of pets doing outrageously funny things. There are loads of compilations you can watch that show animals getting up to mischief, making their owners cry with laughter. They show just how much humour and happiness our pets inject into our lives every day.

The little things our pets do, like a funny look, noise or a mannerism, might not always make you cry with laughter, but they’ll create fond, lasting memories you’ll look back on for years to come.

Keeping us healthy

Depending on the pet you have, you may also experience some physical benefits of having them in your home. If you have a cat or a rabbit it might not be quite the same, as they don’t require walking, but with a dog you’ll have to take them on regular walks to satisfy their energy levels and their love of the outdoors.
You’ll also benefit from these regular walks around the neighbourhood, the local park or on long walking trails – regular exercise has been shown to release endorphins, which make you feel happier in yourself. What’s more, having a pet is known to help reduce mental stress – they’re companions that can distract you from worries and stressful events happening in your life.

The key to being happy and healthy is having somewhere cosy to unwind. With this in mind, grab your furry friend and kick back on the Rico. A leather sofa range, it’s got sumptuous fibre filled back cushions that will hug your figure as you relax. It’s also available as a recliner, so you and your pet can relax at an angle to suit you both every evening.

National Love Your Pet Day

National Love Your Pet Day takes place on February 20th 2019, but don’t forget that pets need love all year round, as well as plenty of attention, care and exercise. You don’t need to own a pet to get involved in this fun occasion. Why not look into local animal shelters and enquire about volunteering – you could bring some love into an animal’s life to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day.

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