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Humans have always enjoyed a focal point. Since the days of the troglodytes through to the early 20th century, fire was the go-to feature – albeit out of necessity, rather than interior design. But the modern era brought a new contender: the television.

Still glowing, and ever captivating, it’s no surprise we gravitate towards the TV in the evening. But what if you don’t have a TV or simply want to spend less time watching and more time listening to each other?

From alternative, natural centrepieces to taking inspiration from cultures around the world, read our guide to find out how you can create a completely new focal point in your living room and switch off from the screen.

A fireplace: nature’s telly

Taking us back to our early roots, nothing beats a glorious, roaring fire. Kick back on a large sofa like the Persia, and warm your toes and the cockles of your heart while listening to the gentle crackle of the fire. It’s more soothing and hypnotic than any TV show.

Of course, many homes have fireplaces without a fire, and they can still be a great focal point. You could try adding some fresh or dried flowers, a small plant, or some tall and chunky candles – perfect for getting that cosy and soothing evening glow.


A window: room with a view

If you’ve got a room with a view, why not make the most of it? With so many of the world’s greatest wonders happening just on the other side of your front door, get back in touch with nature by setting up your living space around your window. Few things can beat listening to music on a weekend morning, letting the natural light flood in.

It’s a great way to be more aware of animals and seasons coming and going throughout the year. Opt for a large sofa that comes in earthy and muted tones, like the Paloma, so you can stay snug inside.

Nordic know-how: open plan and spacious

Taking inspiration from other cultures is a wonderful way to create a fresh vibe in your living space and put a unique spin on your main focal piece.

The beautifully functional Scandinavian designs used in many Nordic living spaces tend to demonstrate a love of simplicity with elegant touches of natural elements. Scandi interiors are generally very well organised and make the most of space, creating a light and breezy atmosphere to the room to make you feel at ease when chilling at home. For some more tips, take a look at our blog about Hygge – the Danish term for cosiness and comfort.

For some more tips, take a look at our blog about
Hygge – the Danish term for cosiness and comfort.


Asian aspiration: being together

It’s not only the Scandinavians who set a good example of moving away from the television – many of us could take a leaf out of traditional Asian designs too.

Traditional Japanese living rooms generally feature cushions dotted around a low table, and it’s an approach that can easily be emulated at home. Place a large sofa, like the Valentino, along one side of your coffee table and other seats on the opposite side. Keep the style minimal, and make sure there’s space for a steaming pot of tea and a few cups – it’s all about spending quality time with your friends and family.


Think differently: serve up a new focal point

Open-plan living can work for many shapes and sizes of home, making the most of the space available. The kitchen is probably the most used room in the home after the living room, and it’s a great place for a sofa. It can transform the space into a family-focused area, where meals are cooked slowly and together. 

We’ve got plenty of tips on how to make your kitchen
the new relaxation room in your home.


Your home doesn’t have to focus on your TV, and we’d love to hear about your quirky centrepieces, so tag us in your pictures on Instagram or Pinterest.

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