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In life, we’re always waiting for something big to come along and make things better. It could be that promotion you’ve been waiting for, finding the perfect home for you and your family, or maybe even winning the lottery. Yes, these moments are the things dreams are made of, but they’re not the only way we can be happy.

What about the little things? Those seemingly insignificant moments throughout an average day that keep us going and make us smile, even when the big achievements might seem out of reach. It’s the little things that touch us more than we might even realise, and they happen every day.

That first morning coffee

The steaming sound of the kettle in the morning when you’ve dragged yourself out of bed can bring a smile to even the most tired of us. When you’re weary eyed on the sofa, wrapping your chilly hands around that first warm, comforting mug makes waking up that little bit easier.

Friendly faces everywhere

It might well be raining and your umbrella may be on its last legs as you try to keep yourself dry on your way to work, but a little bit of kindness can go a long way to making your commute a happy one. Whether it’s a friendly bus driver giving you a few extra seconds as you run to make it aboard, or a stranger saying good morning as you pass in the street, you can’t help but smile back and start to feel that little bit better about the day ahead.

A happier workplace

It’s always great to receive nice comments, but when it comes in the shape of great feedback from your boss, it can boost your confidence for weeks. You’ve been working hard on that project, your clients are happy, and now hearing it directly from the top of the ladder is the cherry on top. Just being recognised for all the hard work you’ve put in can make all the difference. When you step out of the office, you’ll hold your head a little higher, the feeling of accomplishment rushing through you.

There’s no place like home

When all is said and done, there’s one simple little thing that will bring a smile to your face like nothing else. That moment when you’ve finally got home, shrugged off your coat, pulled on something comfy and collapsed onto your dream sofa. Whether it’s with your better half or the kids, nothing will make you smile quite as much as sinking into your favourite cushions on the best recliner sofa.

For relaxation with a smile, the Edgware sofa is perfect for a family. With its warm chenille fabric, and pillow backs so luxuriously soft you melt into them, it’s one of the best sofas for relaxing together and watching a feel-good film.


Whether you’re kicking back with a friend, snuggling up with your loved ones or catching up on your favourite box sets, the Collins is the best recliner sofa for those special everyday moments. It has integrated USB ports too, to keep your gadgets fully charged.


At Sofology, we think the little things make life better. From well-chosen textures and fabrics down to fine, elegant stitching, every element of what we do is done with care – so that you can appreciate the little things in a place that really feels like home. Whether it’s the best recliner sofa or a cosy corner group these are sofas for watching TV, sofas for forgetting your troubles, and sofas for making you smile. Watch our new Little Things TV advert and find the sofa of your dreams at Sofology.

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