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How to have fun at home in January

Let’s be honest, January isn’t the most exciting month of the year, is it? For most of us, it’s a month of getting back into a normal routine after all the chaos of Christmas. After the joys, festivities and indulgences are over, it’s generally a time for tightening purse strings and hoping for brighter mornings.

Still, all is not lost. For one, we’re all pretty much in the same boat at this time of year, looking to cut back and watch the pennies. And, secondly, there’s actually loads you can do at home without spending any money. Plus, the weather outside is usually rubbish – so isn’t it better to wriggle into the cushions on the family sofa? Here are a few ideas for things you can do.

Host a movie night

Turn your living room into a cinema and host a movie night at home. Set some time aside for a midweek or weekend screening and invite friends and family over – it could be a great family movie if you have children or a rom-com date night film for yourself and your partner.

You could also invite friends round for a night of back-to-back movies. Stock up on snacks – fresh popcorn is a must – and settle yourself down on the family sofa. The Etienne has the elegance to match any film noir, while the Moreno range has an air of art deco about it. There are more tips about creating the perfect movie night here, including the importance of the sofa and movie choice.

Build a sofa fort

If it’s too dark and cold to play outside with the kids, transform your living room into an indoor playground instead. You can build so many things if you’re willing to get creative. Try turning your family sofa into a fort, ready for battle. The act of making the fort is a huge part of the fun; get everyone involved in moving the sofa around, rearranging cushions and adding the roof. As our guide to building the perfect sofa fort says, it’s important to keep the roof lightweight. When it’s all built, chill out inside your new den. Sneak some snacks in there, read books and magazines, watch some films and enjoy hanging out together in your new creation.

Start a new hobby

January can be a great month to start a new hobby. The start of the year really is the perfect time for renewed focus and determination. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to it?

As January is, very often, much quieter on the social front, you might find you have the breathing space to start looking into a new hobby. You can learn a new language with a free app like Duolingo, or start painting. To get you in the mood for that, catch up with the iconic US artist Bob Ross; his series, The Joy of Painting, is on Netflix and YouTube. It’s an excellent introduction for beginners and wannabe painters. Just bite the bullet and try.

Have a digital detox

If you’ve spent too much of Christmas watching TV, or gaming, or maxing out social media looking at everyone showing off their new gifts, aim for a digital detox in January. Even if it’s just for a day or two.

Switching off from screens means you’ll need to find other sources of entertainment – read books, play board games, get out those old jigsaw puzzles or play a game of cards. You might just find you have way more fun giving your digital devices a miss for the night.

Go for a walk

Wrap up warm and go for a walk on a dry day; you’ll find the crisp, fresh, air invigorating and this can really help to blow any January cobwebs away. Mix it up with shorter, quicker walks near your home in the evenings and longer strolls in green spaces and countryside – if you live near woods or parkland, make the most of it. You’ll feel great afterwards, and you’ll have deserved to flop on the sofa when you get home.

There are loads of ways to have fun in January. Make sure you have somewhere to relax and find your perfect sofa here.

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