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As part of our Little Things campaign, we wanted to find out what makes people happy at home. We decided to conduct a survey of people across the nation to ask them what it is about home that makes them feel cosy and comfortable after a busy day of work, school or running errands.

At Sofology, it’s our mission to help everyone feel happier and more comfortable at home. That’s why we spend so much time carefully handcrafting all of our sofa ranges to ensure they’re uniquely stylish and cosy. We know how amazing home is – it’s at the heart of what we do, and that’s why we wanted to look further into what it means to the people of Britain. What are the little things that make coming home feel special? And are these things different depending on your age, gender or where you live? Read on to discover what we found out.

What home means for you

After asking how people prefer to spend their spare time, an overwhelming majority said that they like to spend it at home, highlighting just how important our abodes are. Most of the people we asked loved to just relax in peace and quiet, whilst watching TV or films. Reading and sleeping all scored high as well.

It’s no surprise that having a good old cup of tea ranked highest on the list of things us Brits like to do when we get home after a busy day. What’s more, turning on the TV or radio, sitting down and even cleaning also scored highly in our survey. Small details, like home comforts, are the main things that make home so special.

As time passes, and new generations begin their home owning journey, many traditions and preferences for different home comforts can change. However, we found that 40% of all generations prefer comfort over style when it comes to choosing their sofas and furniture, and the majority of the people we asked said that family and friends make their house feel like a home, regardless of their age or gender.

Discover more

Explore the full infographic about Britain’s favourite home comforts right here, and find more in-depth statistics on what makes a house a home for us Brits.

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