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More and more people in the UK are making the choice to move away from buying their own homes in favour of happily renting. There are lots of reasons why renting is great and as long as you take the time, and make the effort to put your own stamp on a property, like adding a stylish sofa, there’s no reason for a rental house to not feel like home. Stuck for inspiration? Read our top tips for making any house feel like home.

Whether you rent a house, flat or studio apartment, there’s plenty of ways to make your new abode feel like your own. A recent study we’ve carried out shows that little touches like bringing in your own furniture make all the difference. This means that even if your rental contract says you can’t redecorate, you don’t need to feel limited when it comes to using furniture, rugs, accessories and personal knick knacks to makeover the space.

Start with a stylish sofa from our selection of 200 exclusive ranges.

Interested in knowing more about our study into renters up and down the country? Take a read through the results by clicking below.

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