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So you’ve got a brand new fabric sofa and you’re completely in love with it. It looks beautiful in your home, it feels amazing to sit on and you never want that to change – right? Fear not, we’re on hand with a helpful guide full of tips and tricks about the best way to care for your fabric sofa.

Daily sofa care

First things first, take a look at where you’ve decided your new sofa is going to live. Is it near a window? It’s important to bear in mind that direct sunlight can cause colour fading on your fabric sofa. If you’re worried that the sunshine might make a beeline for your sofa, it’s a good idea to keep your curtains or blinds drawn during the brightest part of the day. Another option is to invest in a throw to cover your furniture during any sunny spells.

If your sofa is a pale colour, you’ll need to make sure any throws or scatter cushions you add are made from a colourfast fabric. Brightly coloured clothing or fabrics can cause dye transfer when they come into contact with your sofa – and it’s practically impossible to remove, so prevention is the best cure. Keep your pale coloured sofa looking pristine by changing out of jeans or dark clothes before you snuggle up for the evening – the perfect excuse to spend lazy days in your pyjamas!

Chosen a sofa with a super-soft fibre filling? Luxuriously cosy fibre cushions are the ultimate choice when it comes to comfort – but they do need a little extra care to keep them soft and fluffy. Don’t be afraid to give your back and seat cushions a good plump, making sure to encourage the filling to move from the back of the cushion (where it tends to gather) all the way down to the front edge. If your cushion unzips, you can get inside with your hands and manually separate the fibres. This stops them matting together over time and will improve the ease of plumping. The fibres can settle overnight so it’s best to give your cushion a good plump before you head to bed.

In order to keep your fabric sofa in perfect condition, when you’ve finished plumping you should smooth the cover following the care instructions below. We like to call this the Union Jack method, as it follows the stripes of the Great British flag.

  • Using clean, dry hands, begin by smoothing your cushions from the centre to the outside following a horizontal, and then a vertical line.
  • Then, start at the centre again and smooth diagonally out to each corner. Smooth the fabric right to the edges and tuck down the sides and back.

We’re all guilty of having a favourite seat – that spot where you’ve got the best view of the TV and where you’re handily positioned close enough to the coffee table so you can reach the snacks and your cup of tea. Unfortunately, if you sit on one seat more than the others, you’re bound to end up with one cushion that starts to show signs of extra wear. We always recommend that you try to use your sofa as evenly as possible, changing up where you sit and flipping or rotating cushions where possible.

Weekly sofa care

The best way to clean your sofa is to give it a thorough vacuum every week. If the seat cushions are removable, take them off to make sure you capture any dust or dirt that may be hiding underneath. This will help to make sure that no gritty particles have the chance to become ingrained in the fabric of your sofa.

6 Monthly care

If you follow all the daily and weekly advice above, you should find that you’ll only have to think about sofa cleaning once every 6 months. Wondering how to clean your sofa? Rather than picking up sofa cleaning products that may not be tailored to the particular fabric of your sofa, we recommend investing in one of our specialist fabric sofa care kits.

This care kit includes specially developed sofa cleaning products to help keep your fabric looking spotless and beautiful. There are products tailored to a variety of different stains, so you’ll have everything you need to tackle any pesky little marks on the fabric of your sofa. This includes fresh stains, grease and oil stains, old and resistant stains as well as pet stains. Full instructions are included to advise you of the best way to clean your sofa.

In a spillage emergency

If you accidentally spill on your fabric sofa, you should try to blot it up as soon as possible – the more quickly you act, the more likely it will be that you can stop any staining. Use a clean, dry cloth and gently dab (never rub), moving the liquid towards the centre of the spillage.

When the excess liquid has been blotted up, you can gently wipe the area with a clean, damp cloth, rinsing regularly until the stain has been removed. Allow to dry naturally and then vacuum to revive the pile. Your sofa should look as good as new.

Want more info on our care kits – read all about them here.

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